This bad SLS. Types, effects characteristic features

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Daily, we apply to our bodies plenty of cosmetics that are composed of various substances. Part of them have positive influence on our organizm, whereas the others are rather negative. The latter mostly include SLS and SLES. We all fret their effects but do we know what they really are and what role they play in cosmetics?

What are SLS and SLES?

  • SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) is a intensively washing detergent that can be found in the majority of drugstore cosmetics such as hair shampoos, soaps, bubble baths and shower gels. The main reason for SLS being added into a product’s composition is to make it lather well and remove impurities from the body surface. On the flip side, SLS might be responsible for psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, dandruff, rosacea and irritations.
  • SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) is a compound that has less intensive action than SLS. It’s a crude oil derivative which task is to create foam. It may irritate skin just like SLS.

How does detergent affect human skin?

SLS and SLES affect human skin in the following ways:

  • damage hydro-lipid barrier;
  • cause skin dryness;
  • increase sebum production;
  • irritate allergy-prone skin;
  • cause psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, acne;
  • may cause glaucoma when in contact with eyes;
  • may damage hair follicles when in high concentration;
  • cause hair loss;
  • damage oral mucosa.

Do you know that there were documented cases proving that SLS and SLES gathered in internal organs of human? Furthermore, due to being similar to oestrogens, they may disturb hormonal balance, which sounds pretty bad, doesn’t it?

How do SLS and SLES work?

The key function of these detergents focuses on cleansing skin through creating a huge amount of lather. Sadly, both things don’t have much in common. The more lather is created, the more SLS or SLES were added to the cosmetic. What they really do is foster the process of bonding water with greasy impurities and other type of dirt. This is what makes them get rid of body surface so quickly.

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