nanobrow eyebrow serum

Nanobrow eyebrow serum: THE BEST <3

I’m coming with a review of an eyebrow serum which let me replace poor imitation of brows with full, dark and lovely hairs. If you’re wondering which product made this, read on. I’ll try to make it brief and concise 🙂

The main character of today’s post is NANOBROW.

Effectively-working eyebrow serum which has conditioning effect as well as improves the looks: thickens, boosts volume and darkens the brows.

I admit that I’ve used lots of eyebrow serums and always had the same problem: all talk, no action. I used to overpay hoping for fuller and darker brows so I could finally put pomades, tints and pencils aside. What was the result? Nothing or even worse as hairs started falling out more.

Castor oil proved to be better making my brows darker and stronger; I guess I would end up bald out there without the oil 😉

How did I discover Nanobrow?

Rescue came when I got Nanobrow serum for my birthday. At first, I had no idea it would change anything. I thought it was just another eyebrow serum I was gonna use up, see no effect and throw away. But it turned out that my friend knew her stuff!

What effects does Nanobrow give?

After just one week, it turned out that the serum actually worked. My brows got more elastic, darker and better moisturised. With next applications, it was getting only better.

Obviously, at that stage, it was too early to spot a growth boost. You can’t expect a brow serum to be like a magic wand which repairs hairs and totally makes them over in around 2 minutes: such things do happen… in commercials 🙂

My brows first started to ‘move’ in the second week of my treatment: the serum started filling in the gaps in the brow line. In places where there was just skin visible instead of hairs and I always had to camouflage them with a brow pencil, new baby brows started to grow. The brows that I already had got thicker, stronger and bolder.

The manufacturer assures that Nanobrow makes eyebrows fuller, enhances and strengthens them, blocks excessive fall-out, as well as darkens, adds elasticity and shine. It’s all true! It’s been exactly 8 weeks since I started regular Nanobrow treatment and I proudly say that my brows have never looked so bold and lovely.

To be honest, I can forget makeup as they look amazing non stop.

What does Nanobrow contain?

It’s likely to be the only (or the first) serum made of ingredients that go along with my brows. What exactly can you find inside the bottle?

Nanobrow is a combination of carefully-selected substances that condition and strengthen eyebrows from the very follicle. It’s also rich in plant extracts which is rare for such enhancers, and growth-promoting and anti-hair loss ingredients.

  • Soybean sprout extract has antiaging effect, revitalizes and increases synthesis of proteins and thus keeps brows from falling out.
  • Wheat shoot extract has nourishing effect and rebuilds damaged hairs, adds softness, shine and elasticity.
  • Ginseng root extract strengthens follicles, increasing blood flow, nourishing and having antioxidant effect.
  • Skullcap extract or so-called baicalein which soothes irritations, repairs, prevents brow loss and speeds up growth.
  • Panthenol, or provitamin B5, is essential for the proper growth of brows and delivers sufficient moisture.
  • Arginine rebuilds the hydro-lipid layer, moisturizes skin and brows, strengthens and beautifies.

How to use Nanobrow serum?

Nanobrow eyebrow serum has a huge benefit which is extremely easy application. I’ve dealt with lots of cosmetics and must say it’s the only product having the applicator that goes along with the consistency so nicely.

I believe that the use of Nanobrow won’t cause any trouble for anyone: thorough makeup removal before application is a must whereas the application is just two brushstrokes. Easy, nice, no dripping down or sticking hairs together. The key thing is you remember to apply Nanobrow daily before going to sleep.

Hands down I recommend it! I’m going to use this serum forever. Even more so because now I do it out of habit 🙂

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