Hair care mistakes I still tend to make

I know that it is no explanation but even hair maniacs sometimes commit hair care sins. 
Such mistakes are not a strange thing to any of us.
Do you know what damages the hair – mostly unconsciously?

Each of us happens to commit some sins our hair care. It is important that they do not happen repeatedly, because then, the hair will start to deteriorate too quickly, and beauty treatments will be less effective. What are the most common sins in hair care? Check whether you commit any of these – seemingly innocent – mistakes.

1. Going to sleep with loose hair 

Of course, I am not talking about girls who have short hair or pixie cuts. Even a traditional bob will not be able to tie in a ponytail. However, there is no excuse for longer hair.

Sleeping with loose hair sounds quite normal and innocent, meanwhile, it turns out that it is very damaging as it weakens due to the friction of the fabric. Also, it often gets tangled up, becomes weak and brittle. Therefore, it’s best to prevent its destruction and weakening of the outer coating – before bedtime, tie the hair in a loose bun or braid.

I often fall asleep with loose hair – a habit from the time when it could barely reach the ear line. Now, I can tie it into a loose braid, but… I often forget about it. As a result, my hair looks tragically in the morning and the only thing left for me is to wash my head again and dry the strands so that they look more or less normal.

2. Going to sleep with wet hair 

It is said that every second woman does it. Wet or even damp hair is very sensitive. Exposed to damage, deteriorate quickly, and its keratin scales are opened wider and thus, the hair is even more defenseless than usually.

Sleeping with wet hair not only weakens it but also causes that after waking up we are often unpleasantly surprised that our own hair can look like a difficult to tame nest.

Blow-drying your hair does not take long, so always try to dry it before going to sleep. It’s easy to say … in my case tiredness often overcomes the tedious duty and I simply fall asleep with damp hair fully aware of what awaits me in the morning (nest and tied up in a tight bun).

3. Alcohol Denat 

Yes. It is an alcohol that notoriously appears in many products. It is (unfortunately) a crime to apply it to the hair. It dries it slowly but tirelessly and deceitfully. This type of alcohol belongs to the group of the so-called bad alcohols, which actually have almost no beneficial effects on our hair. Their role is to extend the durability of a given cosmetic. The limited presence of this alcohol can facilitate the absorption of nutrients, but in this role, you will certainly find other good alcohols that perform a protective function in cosmetics (cetyl alcohol is one of them). Long-term, for example, a few-month use of products with alcohol denat instead of improving – will worsen its condition.

4. Brushing the hair after applying a hairspray

Do you ever brush through hair that’s already been covered with a hair styling mousse or a hairspray? It seems just like an innocent, normal thing to do, and yet, it turns out to be deceiving for the hair. Just think it through: styled hair is stiff. If you reach for a brush or a comb, it is not so easy to run it through and instead of combing it out, we cause mechanical damage.

5. Hot water for hair washing 

It does not affect the hairstyle positively  – high temperatures weaken the hair and the bulbs, increasing the porosity instead of nicely sealing the scales. Let’s also remember (actually I should explain it to myself because it’s my frequent sin) that hot water intensifies sebum production. So if your hair is often oily – hot water can take the blame for it. High temperatures are not only hot water but also the temperature emitted by the blow-dryer or a hair straightener. The latter burns hair and breaks the sulfide bonds inside. Hair likes cool or lukewarm water but does not like frost or blow-drying temperatures higher than 40 -50 degrees.

Do you have any sins you commit in hair care? Do you always try to deal with it gently and conscientiously? Do any of the errors I have mentioned affect you? Were you aware of them? Share your opinion in the comments 🙂

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