How to speed up hair growth? A few proven methods


If you’re fed up with failed attempts to grow your hair, then perhaps my methods may come handy. Let’s test some of the at-home and beauty salon treatments, which I personally tried and am satisfied with. Read on to learn all about my experiences.

Hair growth methods

Hair loss or slow hair growth may have a lot of possible reasons. The most common are incorrect hair wash or care, diseases, some drugs, or even too rare hairdresser visits. To strengthen hair and speed up its growth, you should try:

1. Hair and scalp conditioner

It is the most popular method for hair growth. The conditioners in question contain herbs, vitamins, and minerals, which nourish and strengthen hair and its bulbs. It is recommended for all hair and scalp types. How to use it? Take a small amount of the product and massage in the scalp and hair roots. The massage will boost blood circulation and speed up the absorption of the ingredients contained in the cosmetic while providing some relaxation.

2. Hair growth supplements

You can buy those at the pharmacies, drugstores and herbal stores. These are products containing mostly herbs, vitamins and minerals. Always take supplements accordingly to your GP recommendations or the attached flyer. Some supplements also take care of skin and nails so it is important to choose the product that suits you and your needs.

3. Yeast-based drink for hair growth

If your the one to value nature in your hair care, it is a method tailored just for you. However, mind that yeast has characteristic smell and taste. What is more, in order for it to actually work you have to drink a lot of it and on a regular basis. Why then is it so popular? Cause its really healthy due to vitamin B, iodine, potassium, magnesium, iron, and zinc in the composition.

4. Mesotherapy

One of many beauty treatments which goal is to thicken hair, strengthen and nourish hair bulbs and stimulate hair growth. Mesotherapy is basically multiple injections while administering the serum. The results are noticeable after a month, during which 3 treatments need be underwent.

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