Skin hydration in the summer – my proven ways


Today, I have another post in a guide style and the subject I will talk about skin hydration. I know that for most women it is quite problematic because heat and hot summer sun can very effectively irritate and dry the skin. However, you must trust me when I tell you that there are proven ways you can try for dry skin care – throughout the years I get to know those and test on myself, so today I will share them with you.

How to take care of the skin in the summer?

1. Start hydration from the inside.

The first and most important rule is to take care of hydration with more than just cosmetics. It’s a cliche, but crucial! The right level of hydration from the inside is a priority because the good condition of the organism determines the beautiful appearance of the skin. Remember that we are made in 3/4 of water. It’s essential to our wellbeing! Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day (in the summer you should drink 2 glasses more) and you’ll feel the difference. The skin will be more glowing, smooth, supple, and less dull. The best method for dull skin is to drink large amounts of water. No kidding. I had a huge problem with skin devoid of glow. Nothing was working. But, as soon as I started to drink more water I observed huge improvement. It’s simple as that!

2. Choose moisturizing cosmetics.

If you have dry skin that in the summer begs for a little bit of hydration, you must choose the right cosmetics. Not just the first cream you get because it may work or may not. There was a time when I had no idea that skin moisturizing depends on humectants (the ingredients that transport water to the deeper skin layers) – today I’m wiser and I look for cosmetics with such ingredients. The most popular humectants are hyaluronic acid, honey, aloe, urea and you can find them in numerous cosmetics, from creams through serum to face masks. The choice is immense and everyone can find something for themselves. You only have to remember to moisturize skin with cosmetics on a regular basis because one-time use solves nothing. Only being methodical can help you.

3. Protect skin against water loss.

The third method is quite simple and logical – once we deliver skin with the right level of hydration from the inside and out (cosmetics), you should make sure that skin will not loose the gained hydration. How to do it the easy way? I recommend natural oils for skin care – argan, sweet almond, jojoba, macadamia. The choice is yours because no matter the oil you choose it will have a similar action on the skin. In detail, it will create an occlusive layer to prevent water from evaporating and skin will preserve moisture for longer.

In fact, the three enumerated things are enough. Because, if you deliver hydration from the inside and out as well as protection then it is all you need for your skin to be properly hydrated. Obviously, in the summer you should also take care of UV protection and deliver skin with vitamins, but you probably already know it. 🙂

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