How to Get Longer Lashes and Make Any Mascara Give Amazing Volume?

A lash-care guide: how to get perfect lashes? Is the flawless look achievable? Read on to find out!

What did my lashes look like and what are they like now?

They didn’t look the way I wanted. I had no idea how to use mascara for good effects because they were too short and sparse. Obviously I always blamed the mascaras, downplaying my lash problems.

It took me years to realize the importance of daily eyelash care to keep lashes hydrated, nourish them and stimulate the growth. Without it, they will never be flawless!

NOW, my lashes in no way resemble the limp-looking thinning hairs from the past. By changing some habits, using suitable products and being systematic I managed to get lashes that:

  • are long, thick and full-looking.
  • no longer fall out excessively.
  • are easily enhanced with any mascara.
  • bring out the natural beauty of my eyes.

How do I care for my lashes daily?

We should take a holistic approach to eyelash care. This means that you can’t expect that applying mascara is all it takes to get lovely lashes.

I started off with changing my diet. Yes, it does matter for healthy lashes. The more veggies, fruits, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins you deliver to your body, the stronger the lash hair is. Remember also to get enough water every day because body dehydration means no good! With this basic thing – strengthened lashes from within – I was ready to reach for the well-known solutions like eyelash serums, oils, mascaras.

A growth-stimulating lash serum gets on my eyelids every single day before bedtime. I sometimes replace it with a natural oil to enhance the external layer of lashes as well. Additionally, I brushed the lashes and massaged the eyelids on a regular basis, which made me see the difference after just a few weeks.

My remedies for fuller lashes

Let’s focus on the most powerful lash treatments:

  • eyelash serum: it works intensively and reaches the source of most lash problems (the hair follicles); the runny serum is easy to apply, strengthens and stimulates growth since first use; over time lashes grow faster, become thicker and much fuller.
  • castor oil: a natural replacement for a serum, budget and quite effective: it’s good to use it every day to see stronger, slightly darker and fuller lashes within a couple of weeks.
  • argan oil: it doesn’t stimulate growth as effectively as castor oil but it nourishes and repairs the lahses, plus perfectly protects against harmful factors like the sunlight or free radicals.
  • petroleum jelly: I sometimes like to use it to strengthen the lashes, make them shinier and smoother, but also for protection; just remember that it’s more greasy and thicker than argan or castor oil, let alone serums.

How to make mascara give more volume?

The effect doesn’t depend only on your daily lash care. Obviously the quality of your mascara matters a lot. Believe me, it’s impossible to get fabulous make-up with bad mascara.

So, what is a perfect mascara like? Which one to choose for flawless lashes? There are some things to remember.

  1. Your perfect mascara doesn’t need to be waterproof; it should be long-wear and flake-free.
  2. It shouldn’t smudge or clump (spider legs effect is not welcome).
  3. It should have an additional conditioning effect on the lashes thanks to formula enriched with nutrients.
  4. Ideally, it should have a silicone, flexible brush that separates lashes perfectly.

Tip time! I know a make-up hack when you’ve got a poor-quality mascara or your product is running out. You can save your make-up by sprinkling the lashes with a small amount of loose powder: this makes any mascara give your lashes more volume so they look much fuller.

Just make sure you don’t apply too much powder or mascara – clumps won’t give you flawless make-up, that’s for sure.

Enjoy testing my ideas! <3

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