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My Brow Makeup Beauty Bestseller – Nanobrow Shape Mascara

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I know you enjoy my beauty recommendations and my best-selling product reviews. They are quite hard to find as I’m quite picky and always look for products to meet all my high demands, but when such a product appears, I immediately want to recommend it as you can be sure of great results. Today I’d like to recommend such a beauty sensation. I recommend a great brow makeup mascara: Nanobrow Shape Mascara.

A great eyebrow mascara – Nanobrow Shape Mascara

What is this product, an eyebrow mascara? It’s just like a regular mascara, but it comes in different shades than the one for lashes, and most importantly, a different wand. The Nanobrow mascara comes with a tiny and very well-designed spoolie that allows you to redefine the shape of the eyebrows. The mascara’s formula is also sensational – it adds volume with just one coat. Girls, this mascara is sensational. It doesn’t matter if you have thick eyebrows or barely there ones – this mascara will perform sensationally.

Nanobrow Shape Mascara – refined shades

Guess what? Millions of times I’ve come across brow mascaras that came in some weird and unnatural shades. The black was too strong, and the brown shade looks more like mahogany than brown.
Here, fortunately, what a relief, as the shades are really natural-looking, lovely, don’t look grotesque, and don’t oxidize on the eyebrows – yes, that used to happen to me too. Three shades ensure no zero problems with the choice, plus you can combine them to create personalized shades – this is an option for professionals but I know they also read my blog. 🙂
The ergonomic cone-shaped spoolie fills in and shapes the eyebrows nicely and neatly, and the application is effortless.

Nanobrow Shape Mascara: this brush is a treasure!

The specially designed brush is simply brilliant. I think I’m going to keep it even after I run out of the mascara as I don’t think any mascara has brushed and shaped my brows nicely. It ensures my makeup routine is fast and ends up looking very attractive. The spoolie reaches and coats each hair, but doesn’t stain the skin, which I’m sure people who are not skilled in makeup will appreciate. It styles them nicely and fills them in A wand like that is a dream!

The Nanobrow brow mascara – benefits

Here are the main benefits of The Nanobrow brow mascara:

  • adds definition to the eyebrow and fills them in perfectly,
  • perfectly emphasizes the eyebrows,
  • adds volume to the eyebrows,
  • … and also thickens them,
  • is extremely easy and fast to apply,
  • super long-wear and beautiful shades,
  • does not stick brow hairs together, smudge-proof formula.

Nanobrow Shape Mascara – beautiful makeup combined with brow care

Did you know? A product that, apart from styling the brows, also conditions them, is like a holy grail to find. Nanobrow Shape Mascara, fortunately, belongs to this group: it contains ingredients that provide proper brow care! The formula of this brow mascara contains:

  • SILICA – smooths the brows and adds softness.
  • GLYCERINE – moisturizes and helps retain water molecules.
  • BETAINE – a moisturizing plant-based amino acid that leaves a protective film on the brows. Great for conditioning and protecting them from damage.

How do I use the Nanobrow brow mascara?

Sometimes I combine it with other products, for example, I fill in my brows with a pencil and then set my brows with the Nanobrow mascara, and sometimes it is my only eyebrow makeup product, and believe me, it is completely sufficient. I use it on dry eyebrows with no residue of face cream, oil, or serum, and after the application, I wait for the product to dry. And if there’s some excess foundation on my eyebrows, I brush it out with a spoolie. Then I use Nanobrow Shape Mascara and brush my eyebrows outward and slightly upward. This gives me the effect of nicely defined and fuller brows.

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