Short, treatment guidebook. Where do dry skin patches come from? How to get rid of them?

Perfect eye makeup, even brows, lashes full of volume. Everything would be great if it weren’t for the dry skin that stands out on my face;( Unfortunately, no foundation was able to conceal it so my face makeup used to be always ruined. How to get rid of dry skin?

Let me guide you! (♥‿♥)

Today’s post will be devoted only to what is reliable when it comes to dry skin treatment. I will tell you a bit more about where dry skin comes from, as this piece of information can be crucial when deciding on the proper care. As a matter of fact, this topic is rather wide and should be discussed step by step. You must know that dry skin is not only an esthetical problem but it concerns serious skin-related issues. It is definitely worth getting to know more about it.

How are dry skin patches created?

In a vast majority of cases, dry skin patches are the symptoms of some diseases. Unfortunately, most of the problems associated with beauty come from inside. In this case, the water is guilty, or rather its lack. Significant dehydration of the body, skin irritation and too little of saturated fat in the diet is a simple way to acquire many problems. Including dry skins.

Do you suffer from dry skin? Try to answer a few questions. Do you drink the right amount of water each day? Do you eat nuts and other products rich in fatty acids? Do you take care of skin hydration regularly? Do you avoid strongly drying cosmetics, eg with alcohol? Do you protect your face from wind, frost and sun? If you answered “NO” to most questions, you have an answer to the question of where the dry skins come from.

The most common causes of dry skin patches:

  • skin care that lacks proper intense treatment
  • too frequent and too hot baths that contribute to water loss
  • using cosmetics with drying components (alcohol, detergents)
  • supplying the body with not enough water
  • lack of sun protection
  • lack of protection provided by products rich in oils
  • a diet low in essential fatty acids
  • diseases and taking medicine,
  • too intense care that may cause irritations

The worst thing is that dry skin is very sneaky! It pretends to be gone, especially after exfoliating, after applying face masks, or using toners, the skin seems to be smooth and perfect. Until you start preparing yourself for an important event. You need to look flawless, and the suddenly, dry skin ruins the entire look.

What deals with dry skin?

If we start thinking about what helps overcome dry skins, we will find the answer to the question of what this skin is missing. There are two essential factors thanks to which we can minimize the number of dry skin patches.

  1. Water – lack of proper hydration level is the reason for dry skin, therefore, it is extremely important to supply your body with water regularly. Drink about three litres of water every day and include cosmetics with hydrating and water retaining properties in your beauty routines, for example, hyaluronic acid.
  2. Fats – also, lack of proper protection against harmful factors is the reason for the dry skin patches formation. The best answer to the question regarding solutions for dry skin is: oil. Fatty acids support natural water-lipid layer that protects the skin from excessive water loss. It is worth replacing at least half of your cosmetics with natural oils to maintain proper moisture level.

How to get rid of dry skin?

Before reaching for the foundation and powder, you must first get rid of dry skin. It is not as easy as it might seem, especially if you only have minutes before leaving the house. I know a few reliable methods on how to remove dry skin patches before applying makeup. There are only three steps to eliminate the problem for the time being.

  • Use a gentle scrub about an hour before going out.
  • Perform a gentle face massage with a shower mitt or a sonic face brush.
  • Rub in a strongly moisturising cream or a lightweight oil, for example, Almond oil.

However, remember that we can eliminate dry skin patches temporarily and smooth out the skin before applying makeup, but the problem is a lot deeper than that. It will come back if we do not go for methods that will heal the skin. Concealing imperfections it a solution only for some time. Instead of acting for a short-term, it is better to deal with the issue once and for all.

How to cure dry skin patches on the face?

I must repeat what I have said before: dry skin is not an aesthetic problem but also a symptom of an illness. Since the skin is not well, it must be cured. Dry skin not only ruins the makeup, but lack of proper treatment can cause more serious irritation and even diseases. How to heal dry skin? Here are my golden rules:

  1. Supply your diet with water and fatty acids.
  2. Change your care routine to more gentle treatment.
  3. Make sure to provide in-depth moisture to your skin on a daily basis.
  4. Exfoliate dead skin cells on a regular basis.
  5. Avoid everything that can cause irritations.
  6. Replace your regular cream with an intense mask or a serum.
  7. In makeup, avoid mattifying and mineral products as well as those containing talc.
  8. Use a face hydrating mist even several times a day.

I hope that my tips will be useful in your fight for beautiful skin. Girls, are you ready for changes? Fight with dry skin!


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