How to Choose a Night Cream? Let’s Get to Know the Skin & its Needs First!

Do you want to know how to choose a good night cream? It’s not as easy as it seems because our skin needs a precise care routine. Especially at night when the most intensive repair processes occur. You appreciate the choice of a good night cream when you wake up in the morning with a well-rested and radiant skin. 🙂

Run through a short guide which is (hopefully) going to make the choice a bit easier.

How are day and night creams different?

Let me begin by explaining the difference between night creams and the ones you apply before going out in the morning. I’ve heard opinions that it’s just another gimmick which is supposed help brands sell sets of creams. Not true. Just compare the ingredients of day and night creams to see a striking difference. What are the qualities of a night cream?

  1. Night creams have thicker, heavier and richer formula. Throughout the night, the products have the time for full absorption. Moreover, you don’t apply makeup so such a consistency makes sense.
  2. A good night cream is a concentrated formula which includes far more nutrients, vitamins and fatty acids of intensive properties.
  3. A night cream is free of UV filter because you don’t need sun protection at night so the ingredient is needless.
  4. A natural oil may be the base of a night cream and it often contains less water because it doesn’t need to be absorbed so fast and it can be thicker.

Do you need a night cream?

We rarely use night creams. That’s what the statistics say. Maths doesn’t lie, meaning we simply neglect our skin. A night cream is a must.

The skin is extremely delicate and needs a daily support in the processes of repair and cellular renewal. An evening skin care gives the best effects and it aims at an in-depth action. Cell bonds get relaxed in the evening so the absorption of the skin increases. Consequently, nutrients are better-absorbed and effortlessly penetrate the deepest layers of the epidermis. It’s not so easy during the day when we spend time actively. Anything else worth knowing? A night cream works better because the repair processes get faster after midnight thanks to the growth hormone which is released to the cells and gives the skin a kick for renewal. At night, the blood flow is better, the skin breathes more intensively and absorbs nutrients much more quickly. You don’t have to believe me – take a look at any biology handbook.


Since we already know that a night cream is a must on every dressing table, let me tell you about the choice of the right cream for you. Is it important which night cream you pick? After all, each of them is strongly concentrated. Yes, but you must always choose products that are right for the needs of your skin.

Rule no 1 – Always choose a night cream right for your skin type!

  • If your skin is prone to oiliness or acne, go for lighter creams. They should be free of mineral oils and silicones which could clog the skin pores and intensify the problem.
  • If your skin is sensitive and prone to irritation, choose hypoallergenic night creams. The ones that are formulated without fragrances, preservatives and common allergens make an ideal choice. My patent: buy samples to test creams.
  • If dry skin is your problem, you need a richer cream abounding in strongly-hydrating ingredients, hyaluronic acid, oils. A good night cream for dry skin should moisturize and prevent the loss of water in the epidermis.

Rule no 2 – Always choose a night cream right for your age!

  • 30+ night cream should be composed of coenzyme Q10, minerals, AHA fruity acids which accelerate the metabolism of cells, deliver oxygen and firmness. Younger skin doesn’t need strong rejuvenation. It needs an enhancement of natural repair processes.
  • 40+ night cream should additionally contain ceramides, proteins, retinol and unsaturated fatty acids (in other words: oils). With the passage of time, the cellular metabolism is poorer but keeping the hydro-lipid balance matters, too.
  • 50+ night cream must include strongly-rejuvenating ingredients e.g. Isoflavones, Folic Acid, Glycolic Acid. The substances stimulate the production of collagen so they regenerate, rejuvenate, deliver elasticity and reverse the signs of skin aging.

How to use night creams?

Summing up, THREE GOLDEN RULES for the use of a night face cream. The choice of the proper product is a half-way to success because even the best cream won’t deliver effects if you use it the wrong way. The application has a huge influence on the results. How I do it?

  1. I always apply the cream after cleaning the face skin precisely. It seems obvious but I don’t mean just makeup removal but also using a face gel and – from time to time – an exfoliator. The clean skin absorbs active substances of the cream more quickly.
  2. I never apply a face cream to the eye area. The under-eye skin is the most fragile and easily irritated. After all, night products feature some strong, concentrated nutrients. An under-eye cream is made for this area.
  3. I apply the night cream to the neck skin, too. In this way I get the extra benefit of conditioning the neck area. The neck and cleavage age more slowly thanks to gently massaging the cream into the skin.

I hope you’re going to make use of my tips. If you have any questions about night face creams, feel free to ask in the comments. xoxo

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