New eyeshadow palette by Urban Decay ‘Troublemaker’

Hello Girls!

Lately, I was lucky enough to test a new eyeshadow palette Troublemaker launched by Urban Decay. Honestly, the colours and the effect impressed me. Today I’m going to describe, in the best way I only can, my reflexions concerning this palette. Also, I’ll tell you how to use this product.

How does it look like?

Urban Decay’s Troublemaker palette is incredibly colourful, and I don’t mean the inside of the box only; the design of the palette is truly hypnotizing. When you open the palette, you will notice a mirror and nine eyeshadows of sparkling and energizing colours. Unfortunately, the producer decided not to equip the set with any applicator, hence, you find there neither a brush nor a sponge. On the other hand, we are gifted with shades of natural and vivid colours. There are a few brown and beige shades (Bailout, Riot, 787, Knockout), two reds (Relish and Girl Crush), green (Bankroll), violet (Afterhours) as well as black-and-white (Clash).

What’s their performance?

My favourite are the shades with glitter, which I find perfect to apply to a party. They shimmer on eyelids just wonderfully and play in tune with the remaining shades delivering matte finish. All the products are really well-pigmented and durable, don’t flake off and I haven’t find them gathering in the crease of the eye. Moreover, the shades of Troublemaker palette by Urban Decay serve right if you want to wear daily make-up, too. You don’t need to use the shimmery shades all the time. Instead, go for the nude and brown colours and define the eye by putting the darkest shade in the outer corner of the eye. This technique delivers the effect of depth. On the other hand, when you use a white or any other light eyeshadow and place it in the inner corner of the eye and distribute along the water line, you will enhance the eyes and highlight the look.

My fav make-up?

I just can’t resist using these shimmering shades, they are amazing! Which one is my fav? The most frequently, I go for smoky eye with a bit of glitter. I use Bailout as my base shade, I distribute it to my eyelids and the above crease area. Then I use white Clash to define the inner corners of the eyes, and to the middle of the eyelids I apply 787 and Riot respectively. The outer corner of the eyes is defined either with black Clash or Knockout combined with Afterhours. I follow the same procedure to emphasize my lower eyelids. Of course, I coat the lashes with a mascara and apply a black eyeliner, as well. My make-up is ready!

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