Review of DIY Cluster Lashes from Nanolash

The newest DIY Lash Extensions have become extremely popular recently. The reviews I’ve read have one thing in common: you all love the aesthetic design and excellent quality of these cluster lashes. I couldn’t ignore them – I had to perform the cluster lashes test! I immediately placed my order and here’s the review.

Is it really so easy to apply cluster lashes DIY Lash Extensions?

Generally, DIY cluster lashes tend to be a lot of fuss. You shouldn’t be worried in this case though! I knew the detailed instructions would help me with the challenge. I was right – applying cluster lashes by Nanolash took me just 9 minutes! I think it’s a brilliant score considering I was applying lash clusters for the first time. Now it takes me around 6 minutes.

The precise applicator made the task super easy. I could grab it and hold it firmly thanks to its optimal shape, which guaranteed very precise application. Getting volume lashes at home is now extremely simple. I’m really happy I bought this very set of eyelash extensions.

How did I start applying cluster lashes at home? First I washed my face using a mild foam cleanser, and then dried it well with a cotton towel. A bonder was the first product I applied – the special glue started working after less than a minute. Next I took the applicator and got to putting on the cluster lashes, placing them around one millimeter away from the lash line. Finally, I applied the sealer. That’s all!

 Cluster lashes for self application (DIY) - starter kit

See the benefits of cluster lashes by Nanolash!

I knew the luxury lash wisps from Nanolash were the perfect pick before I even applied them. What was the thing I loved the most? I don’t need to think long to come up with the answer! The brand released super lightweight lash clusters and I can barely feel them. That was super important because I just hate it when my eyelids feel heavy, that’s so uncomfortable. Here’s the list of more benefits I’ve spotted so far:

  • the cluster lashes Nanolash are super long-lasting.
  • thanks to the quality material, they are resistant to different kinds of damage.
  • they keep the same shape and look brand new for as long as you wear them.
  • these cluster lashes make DIY eyelash extension nice and easy.
 Cluster lashes for self application (DIY)

I used to struggle and had no idea how to apply cluster lashes fast. It would always take hours delivering results that I didn’t like that much… Finally, I decided to test the DIY lash extensions set from Nanolash. It turned out to be a game-changer! I no longer waste hours on applying cluster lashes.

Nanolash DIY Eyelash Extensions Review

It’s obvious I’m crazy about the pre-made cluster lashes by Nanolash. There are no other lash extensions that would be so lightweight and durable at the same time. We can wear them for a few days! Long-lasting lash clusters are rare which makes the Nanolash DIY Lash Extensions the hottest lash product out there.

There are a few features that I think are super important when applying cluster lashes. Natural results guarantee we look our best all day. That’s what I hoped for when testing the Nanolash products. Thank god I didn’t end up disappointed! A subtle curl of the cluster lashes enhance the eyes beautifully.

how to apply cluster lashes on yourself
Gently curved and curled eyelashes look great on the eye. The Charm model adds depth to the look.

DIY cluster lash extensions have never been so easy to apply. I used to hate putting them on. Now, with the DIY Lash Extensions, it’s a relaxing routine I look forward to. They have a tempting price, plus I save because I can give up on volume lash extensions at the salon. Now I can put cluster lashes on and take them off whenever I want! I heartily recommend these DIY lash clusters!