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Nanoil Hair Volume Enhancer for Light, Full-Looking Hair

I know it can be hard to put hair to rights at times, especially in the winter aura when it’s often hidden under a hat. Keeping hair volume is impossible under it… Do you think so? Let me comfort you. Your hairdo can and will look fabulous even after taking the hat off! You just need to allow a good root lifter – like Nanoil Hair Volume Enhancer – to help you out.

Stellar Spray for Hair Volume – Nanoil Hair Volume Enhancer

I heard about this product from my mom! She’d been using Nanoil’s retinol serum for a long time. Last time when she was restocking she also bought some products for me. <3

And that’s how my beauty arsenal got boosted by a vitamin C face serum, keratin-based hair mask, and the root lifting spray from today’s review. They all rock! I’ll review each one but let me stick to Nanoil Hair Volume Enhancer today. What is it?

A super-light spray which acts as a terrific primer – anyone whose hair is thick or fine, flat and volume-deprived will love it I’m sure. Nanoil Hair Volume Enhancer lifts the roots and adds lightness, leaving hair fluffy and fabulous. Even when you wear a hat! Sometimes, on the next day, my hair’s still so light that I simply flip my head over and run the fingers through the hair to make it look full and lovely.

Bonus! Nutrients in the root lifter by Nanoil

Good news for all those who’re big on multifunctional cosmetics. This spray isn’t just a brilliant styling primer which creates volume – it is an amazing conditioner because of 5 nutrients in the formula. They’re not some random ingredients, though. Only the ‘hair’s must-haves’!

  • Keratin – protein which encourages hair revitalization. Thanks to the properties of keratin, damaged hair gradually bounces back and restores smoothness. It makes hair easier to comb, tangle-free, silky and soft. In other words, keratin is second to none for strengthening the hair and creating volume.
  • Panthenol – holds water in the hair, moisturizes and makes hair shine, softens and smooths the hair leaving it full of volume at the same time.
  • Wheat proteins – essential to maintain hair health and prevent damage to its structure; they repair and enhance the hair improving its look. Wheat proteins ensure shine as well as healthy and smooth texture of hair. On top of that, they halt hair breakage and splitting.
  • Vitamin B3 – stimulates synthesis of collagen, deeply hydrates and promotes healthy hair growth, has anti-inflammatory and antiaging effects.
  • Vitamin E – aka vitamin of youth, antioxidant which beautifies and nourishes the hair, as well as revives the hair color and keeps it from fading.

How to use Nanoil Hair Volume Enhancer?

This product is sprayed on hair before styling. It’s recommended to put it in wet hair but I also got amazing effects when I used it on dry hair. You don’t need to shampoo the hair every day to create a full-looking style! Nanoil Hair Volume Enhancer is weightless, not greasy or creamy so it doesn’t overload the hair. I love the extra effect – it safeguards from negative external factors. Plus it lasts me very long.

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