Perfectly red lips step by step – How to use lipstick to help it stay true the entire night?

I lay in your hands this How-To which, I hope, you will find useful especially before a date or New Year’s Eve party. Go on reading this entry if you want to learn how to do perfect red lips step by step. I invite all red lips lovers to continue reading.

However, before I reveal all my secret hints, let me give you a few introductory words.

Are red lips trendy nowadays?

To be honest, I don’t know. After all, classic images never run out of fashion, so I guess red lips are constantly on. Actually, I don’t pay attention to this aspect much because I love coating my lips red. In my opinion, mt make-up looks more attractive when my mouth is coated with a red lipstick. I have to tell you that my colour cosmetic collection features at least a few red lipsticks because I simply feel good wearing such a colour. I have a piece of advice for all the girls who are wondering whether red lips are trendy – in this case, don’t follow fashion blindly, since not everything which is on right now suits every beauty type. Hence, wear make-up you feel comfortable with.

Do guys like red lips?

It’s another silly question which forces women to paint their lips red. They live in the conviction that since men like red lips then red lipstick has to be worn at every date, and it would be even better if we wore it every day because you never know when you meet Mr. Right, right? Nonsense! I don’t know why men like red lips and whether this belief has a grain of truth in it. Girls, do make-up for yourself, not for somebody! There is no point in tormenting yourself by wearing a red lipstick that doesn’t match your beauty type just to help somebody find us attractive.

What do red lips symbolise?

Frequently, we feel prettier and more self-confident when we wear red shade on our lips but, unfortunately, this colour doesn’t suit everyone. It happens that we reach for red lipstick only because it is associated with liberation and sexy women, and this is what we would like to be. Some researches confirm that we reach for juicy red mostly when we want to put ourselves in a good mood and boost our self-esteem. Remember though, red lipstick can make us more beautiful only when is applied to our lips flawlessly.


Let’s get to the point. How to apply red lipstick so as to help the cosmetic stay true for long and prevent it from being ‘eaten up’ after an hour? I have a few proven techniques how to wear red lips the right way. Give them a go!

1. Preparation

The greatest influence over the lifespan of lip make-up is determined by the way we adopt to make our mouth ready for the colour cosmetic. Unfortunately, red lipstick loves gathering in the corners of lips and creases, it seems to be just designed to enhance dehydrated epidermis parts (and we definitely don’t want it to happen). Luckily, we can avoid the very problems by making lips ready for the lipsticks.

  • Before applying red lipstick, I always put scrub on. The easiest form of DIY lip scrub is by combining sugar with honey – such a mixture exfoliates dead epidermis cells, nourishes and is delicious!
  • Also, I pat a moisturising lip balm, oil, petroleum jelly or serum before putting red lipstick on (it tends to dehydrate lips, especially matte one).
  • Once my lips are moisturised, I follow with a light and mattifying concealer or foundation – these are cosmetics that work well as a lipstick primer.

2. Application

It’s time for the second step. How to apply red lipstick? First and foremost, we have to know which red lipstick is the best one for us because using the right cosmetic is the key here. Cheap and poorly pigmented lipstick will rather leave smudges and won’t coat lips evenly. I’ve got a few favourite and long-lasting lipsticks – you just have to find your favourite ones through trial and error. Of course, the technique we apply to coat our lips also matters. Here are my tricks.

  • I always apply a lip liner of one tone brighter than the lipstick that will follow (I recommend lip liner & lipstick kits), which keep the lipstick in line.
  • I never apply a lipstick directly to my lips, I mean, I always use a brush thanks to which it is easier to coat lips more precisely without using too much of the product.
  • After a few seconds, when the red lipstick gets slightly dry, I press my lips to a tissue thanks to which I remove the excess of the lipstick and prevent smudging.

3. Fixing

The worst thing is when our beautiful red lipstick is smudged. I think, no-one would like to look like Joker from Batman. Therefore, it’s worth having in mind that red lips have to be fixed appropriately so as to make the effect last really long. What should you do to prevent a lipstick from smudging? Here are my two ways of fixing red lipstick.

  • When I use matte lipstick (this trick doesn’t work on shimmering lipsticks) I apply a little bit of transparent powder which fixes lip make-up just marvellously.
  • I sometimes protect the skin right at the outer rim of applied lipstick with a wax pen (you can get these at a drugstore’s) which prevents lipstick from smudging.


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