Better than Botox? Snake Venom in Cosmetology: Procedures, Reviews, Benefits

Fatal, fast and crippling.

It is able to knock the biggest animals down.

It paralyzes the entire body and kills in a moment…

Snake venom – a deadly and fast-working poison which arouses fear.

Hmm… fear?

The snake venom has started to arouse women’s desire which is probably stronger than fear.


It turns out that the snake venom is a brilliant skin rejuvenating substance. It gives a total face make-over. The snake venom is used in the skin procedures without a scalpel. It delivers better effects than the well-known Botulinum toxin (Botox). Why does the snake venom beat the Botulinum toxin? Because of the effects. Botox starts working after 3-7 days whereas the snake substance gives IMMEDIATE effects. Interested?

What does the snake venom contain that makes it such an effective tool for fighting with wrinkles and skin ageing?

A tripeptide – known as Temple Viper – is the secret. It works like the Botulinum toxin, blocking the muscle cramps that are responsible for the skin ageing. In this way, it smoothes wrinkles, tightens the skin and brilliantly enhances the face shape. The snake venom has strong antioxidant qualities (protects the skin from the free radicals) whereas Botox doesn’t.

Snake Venom – what does the procedure look like?

A regular snake venom facial and the Derma-Oxy version are similar and have a few stages.

  1. Cleaning the skin is the first key thing so the exfoliation is the first step.
  2. The next stage involves providing the skin with valuable ingredients – vitamins, sea algae, shea butter, collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. A special, concentrated, nutrient-rich serum is applied to the skin.
  3. The third and last step – the snake venom is applied for around 30 minutes.

The snake venom facial takes up more or less 90 minutes. Derma-Oxy version is quicker and it’s a bit different – the ingredients are introduced under the skin with the oxygen and reach the deepest skin layers. The effects are instant.

I really love this ‘beauty bite’ 🙂 Fast, effective, painless and needleless 🙂 Today, the snake venom facial is a serious competition for the Botox. It’s a great thing that you see the results after the first treatment. If the skin is extremely fatigued, full of wrinkles and creases and lacks density, you can go for the series of treatments. What’s more, you can buy the snake venom-enriched products at beauty salons to keep the effects longer.

Lots of aesthetic medicine salons offer a special face tightening and drainage massage which firms the skin up and removes the water excess. It primes the face for the absorption of active ingredients. The massage is done before applying the snake venom and is often included in the price.

Snake venom – how often to repeat the procedure?

You should visit your aesthetician three months after the first treatment. Obviously, you can do it more often; it depends on the condition of your skin. Do you know that the snake venom facial reduces the visibility of wrinkles up to 82%?! If you ask about my opinion – I’m fascinated. I got possessed by the snake venom, too 🙂 I’d love to try it out. I think I’m gonna give it a try before an important event. The New Year’s Eve party seems like a good idea. It would be nice to dazzle on a party and know I step into the new year with a radiant and smooth skin 🙂

Snake Venom Skin Benefits

The snake venom is a substance that immediately works on the skin: tightens and conditions in the deepest layers. It hinders the biological and mechanical skin ageing processes. The facial is safe, painless and non-invasive. I guess it’s the only contact with a snake which doesn’t end up with a bite 😀 No needles, injections…

I’ve already mentioned that the beautician may recommend professional products so you can use them after the facial. The snake venom is the main ingredient. Creams, masks and toners with the reptilian substance can be used, no matter if you’ve had the treatment or not. The products provide an excellent anti-aging skincare. Still, always remember to check the list of ingredients while buying a cream or toner. The snake venom is often included in trace amounts. After all, the snake was supposed to be the hero! The lower the snake venom is on the list of ingredients, the poorer the skin benefits. How to find it? Here’s a cheat sheet:

Snake Venom Extract INCI

Have you heard of the snake venom? Ever tried it out? Have you got any snake venom-enriched cosmetics? Have you tried the facial? If so, share your impressions 🙂

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