Botox – Wrinkle Buster. What Should You Know?


I’m going to share the things I found out during the last cosmetic training. Botox is the topic of today’s post. Is it really such a wrinkle buster? If you want to learn more, read on 🙂


Botox is a common name for Botulinum toxin. It’s shorter and definitely catchier. Fancy knowing the nitty-gritty? Botulinum is a strong toxin which is produced by Clostridium botulinum bacteria. It’s even mentioned in the Guinness World Records. Why so? As the most deadly organism. Supposedly, 450 g of this toxin could theoretically lead the human race to extinction!

Botox has been used successfully in the aesthetic medicine for a long time.

I know it sounds crazy. How can we inject a toxic substance into the skin?!?! Women are ready to do a lot to look beautiful. Let me calm you down, though. There are different strains of Botulinum. Toxin G, used in the treatment, doesn’t cause any disease symptoms if it’s properly diluted. It doesn’t mean that botox can’t be bad for you. Everything depends on where and who performs the injections, the type of the substance, etc. There are lots of factors.


It’s most common in the anti-aging skin care. Currently, it’s the most popular method for reducing wrinkles – it smoothes the forehead, eyebrow area and crow’s feet. Few people know that there are more uses for botox. Botulinum successfully improves the face shape, lifts the eyelids, eliminates drooping lip corners, smoothes the neck and chest skin. … the list seems endless 🙂

Fun fact: In the summer season, botox is injected in the area of armpits, hands and feet. What for? Supposedly, it effectively prevents excessive sweating.

It’s time to reveal the secret of botox effects. It’s connected with the cause of expression lines – the excessive activity of given face muscles. When they get a signal from the nerves, they shrink. When botox is injected, the nerves stop sending signals. As a consequence, muscles are no longer active so wrinkles don’t get deeper.

The effect lasts around six months. The action of botox gets weaker with the passing time.

Not everyone needs botox. A professional technician should suggest some alternatives. When it comes to contraindications to botox injections, the age is the basic one. Who can use botox? Minors can’t, that’s for sure; they don’t have dynamic lines yet. On the other hand, botox won’t bring any effects in people who are over 65 – static wrinkles prevail at this age. Who can choose the procedure? Botox is suitable for those who are over 25 and have or start getting wrinkles. Then, it’s good prophylaxis. It’s hard to say about a specific age group. I believe you need a reason for treating yourself to the botox injections. If it’s just your fancy, forget it.


Botox and hyaluronic acid are often mixed up. I’ve heard girls talking: ‘I got botox’ – ‘Oh, cool, you had hyaluronic acid injected’

You must be aware that hyaluronic acid is a completely different substance. Most of all, it’s much safer because it occurs naturally in the body. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is located in cells next to collagen and elastin, enhancing their action. It’s responsible for the skin hydration and vitality. Its amount decreases with the passage of time, resulting in wrinkles and flabby skin. That’s why hyaluronic acid treatments are used for reducing the lines, too. It may be the reason why hyaluronic acid is confused with botox.

!! Have I tried botox? !!

I’m not a botox fan and the training didn’t make me change my mind. I believe we should age gracefully. Rejuvenating treatments must be used wisely. Instead of spending fortunes on botox, I prefer to invest in natural oils or a high-quality face cream e.g. with coenzyme Q10. I’ll try to make you use rejuvenating procedures reasonably. A flawless, doll-like face doesn’t look natural. I love my expression lines because they say a lot about my emotions and show how often I laugh. Try to love yourselves just the way you are. Treat botox like an extra support, not the last resort.

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