Oily Skin – Clever Skin Conditioning Tricks. Stop to the Uncontrolled Face Shine!

Constantly oily face is my (and perhaps the majority of you as well) worst nightmare. It goes without saying that such a face doesn’t look good, it’s disobedient 😉 so it doesn’t hold the perfect make-up we applied in the morning. Frankly speaking, it shines, on hot days the make-up runs down our faces, eyeshadows smudge or gather in creases. How to combat oily face skin problem? It turns out that the proper care delivered to skin is the key to success. Today, I’m going to show you the best tricks for wayward, oily skin.


1. Oily face skin care – Cleansing

Face cleansing is the ‘the core of the core’ (basically, not only oily face but every skin type needs proper cleansing). The excess of sebum that gathers throughout a day mixes with all possible toxins and other impurities originating from the environment. In order to help skin preserve its freshness and prevent it from getting too oily – it has to be cleansed with the right products. My piece of advice? Don’t go for face products delivering strong action (over-drying) because with time your skin will start rebelling and producing even more sebum than it used to.

In order to make it clean properly, choose delicate yet effective washing preparations. It would be best if they were rich in natural substances that take care and neither irritate nor make skin overdried. Moreover, this type of preparations should be free from silicones, parabens and other comedogenic substances that disturb the natural life cycle of skin.

The same rule applies to a micellar lotion or face toner. In short, the less toxic, dehydrating and irritating substances, the better the skin is cleansed. Thanks to this, you will gift the face with safe care and balance.

Obviously, oily skin requires a little bit more of attention paid than just treating it either with a gel or micellar lotion. I’ve seen for myself that my skin looks and ‘behaves’ better when I apply face scrub twice a week. To be honest, gommage scrubs are my favourite. They don’t have to be rubbed into face so they don’t affect skin too invasively. At the same time, they leave skin perfectly clean, free from toxins and dead epidermis cells. It’s also worth adding that face scrub facilitates absorption of cream or mask conditioning substances, it maintains skin suppleness and elasticity. Finally, a well-matched face scrub evens out skin tone.

2. Oily face skin care – Masks

Face masks will help you keep in check the state of your skin. It’s best to choose natural products which don’t only make face matte but also nourish it without living it neither irritated nor overdried. To me, the best face masks are the ones made of clays. Super oily skin will surely like green clay, whereas combination skin will be grateful for being treated with a white clay. You can apply such masks every 2-3 days. Thanks to this, your skin will stop shining so much, become smooth, gain pretty and even tone. If you want to intensify the action of the clay face mask, you can (instead of water) mix it with a chosen face herbal water.

3. Oily face skin care – Moisturisation

It’s a wrong conviction that oily skin doesn’t need moisturisation. If you keep making it matte, your skin will start to defend itself by trying to restore its hydro-lipid balance. As a consequence, more intensive sebum production will be put into motion. To make matters even worse, without the right moisturisation, your skin will start ageing faster. Naturally, not all moisturising creams are good for treating oily skin.

My way of restoring balance and moisture to skin is hyaluronic acid – I use it every day before applying a mattifying cream. Such moisturising serum maintains the right level of hydration of my skin and gifts it with youth and elasticity. Hyaluronic acid is perfect for treating oily skin types because its formula is lighter, is absorbed fast and replenishes skin with water.

4. Oily face skin care – Oils

I’m aware that some of you might not think about applying oily substances to oily face. However, it turns out that in most cases natural oils contain squalene, which is a substance naturally occurring in human sebum (maintains sebum production). This means that oils featuring squalene are responsible for normalizing oily skin.

One of the best, which I had the possibility to test, was jojoba oil. It’s light, easy to absorb by skin and is perfect for balancing sebum production. I don’t recommend applying oils in the morning, it’s way better to do it during your evening beauty routine. I begin with wiping my face with a chosen herbal water (e.g. witch-hazel water that shares the same properties: it mattifies skin and balances sebum production). When my face is damp, I distribute an oil all over it. In the morning my face is smooth, well-moisturised, elastic and skin pores are visibly smaller.

5. Oily face skin care – Make-up

Applying make-up to oily skin is a challenge! Naturally, it has to be done with the right cosmetics which neither overburden face nor encourage excessive sebum production (the ‘rebellion’ I’ve mentioned above). Apart from mattifying foundation or mattifying BB/CC cream, I frequently go just for mattifying make-up primer. There are days when I’m in a rush so I resign from applying a foundation. I just use the mattifying primer.

Moreover, to fix make-up I use white, either rice or bamboo powder. Such a cosmetic is able to diffuse light and doesn’t leave blemishing marks on face. Also, it closes skin pores, nourishes skin and prevents face shine for a few long hours.

When I’m out, I always carry blotting papers with me because sooner or later my face starts featuring this poorly-looking shine, no doubts about this. In such situation, I press a blotting paper to the ‘shiny’ area to say goodbye to this problem. I find blotting papers marvellous because they don’t spoil make-up, and the matte effect they deliver lasts really long.

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