Layered skin care – how I do it – the sandwich method

Hello lovelies! 

Come on, tell me the truth – how many skin care cosmetic do you use on a daily basis?

Micellar water + cream (one, suitable for day and night)

whatever works for makeup removal + day cream + night cream 

People with mature skin may also use an under-eye cream…

To sum up – from 2 to 4 products – is the max that we are able to use. Especially in the morning. Meanwhile, somewhere at the other end of the world, in the “country of a blossoming cherry,” both morning and evening care looks totally different. Women use so-called layered care (also called a sandwich). One or two cosmetics for many tasks are, according to them, not enough. What is the layered skin care like? Is it worth trying it and why?

Why do Asian girls have such a beautiful complexion? Well, the secret lies in care – in this case it is never random or inaccurate. Asian girls treat it like a ritual – their way of taking care of the complexion always has a defined order, and the cosmetics are changed like in a kaleidoscope. So how does the “kaleidoscope of beauty” look like? For a dozen or so weeks I have been using sandwich skin care myself and I must admit that my complexion is wonderful (and this is how it looks). So – what does this ritual look like step by step?

1. Layered skin care – base

The base is a product that is supposed to prepare the skin for the next cosmetics. For me, this is a micellar water that perfectly removes makeup and simultaneously cares for the skin. Secondly, I like to use a delicate, natural toner (I often make it myself from lavender, chamomile, green tea or simply saline). I wash my face, softening the epidermis and making it more absorbent.

Recently, there are products on the market that I would like to test (maybe some of you have already used them?) – I am talking about the so-called skin care starters that soften the complexion, while at the same time ensuring its perfect detox and acidifying as it should.

2. Layered skin care – serum, ampule, concentrate 

Let’s be honest, if you really want your skin care to be as effective as possible, you cannot limit your cosmetics to just one cream because its effect will be only be superficial – the active ingredients contained in it only reach the depth of the skin only partially. That is why – to provide the skin with ideal care – a face serum was created, its light formula allows it to penetrate deep into the epidermis and concentrate its action inside.

Serum, ampoule or face care concentrate is a higher concentration of nourishing and regenerating ingredients. Their task is to transport these ingredients deeper than a cream could do. That’s why the face serum is one of the better specs that have been created for skin care.

I use a light moisturizing and mattifying serum for the day, and for the night I change it into face oil (because my skin has already exceeded 30 years of age, I chose shea butter, which is famous for its rejuvenating properties). Other great face care oils are: raspberry seed oil, argan oil, evening primrose oil (for dry and sensitive skin), jojoba oil (acne skin).

3. Layered skin care – focus on skin’s weaknesses

It’s time to fight with imperfections. What’s your problem? Eczema? Enlarged pores? Wrinkles? Dilated capillaries, or maybe dark circles and swelling under your eyes? Now it’s time for care focused on imperfections.

It’s best to spot-treat such problems: cream or roll-on for the eye area, gel for pimples or special fluid for enlarged pores and imperfections should deal with them during the day. Koreans even have time to apply a cleansing patch on the nose in the morning to remove blackheads and millets from their face. A special cream will perfectly match mature skin – the corrector of mimic wrinkles, which is used under the eyes, around the lips and the wrinkle between the eyebrows.

At this stage of care, I use under-eye cream and (if necessary) a spot gel for imperfections and small pimples.

4. Layered skin care – protection of the epidermis

The last layer of our “sandwich” is the beloved by all as you will be using the “traditional”, but no less important face cream. Ideally, if you use a different cream for the night (more “rich” in nutrients), and another one for the day – it should be light, but moisturizing, with a filter that protects against UVA, UVB radiation. The cream is important because the serum does not protect the skin from the adverse effects of external factors. A good face cream is like a “blanket” for the skin – covers previous cosmetics used during layering and will not evaporate so quickly from the epidermis.

Of course, this is not the end of proper skin care routine – remember that it should be cleansed more thoroughly. Also, at least once a week, reach for a scrub and a face mask. I also add gel eye drops to my care, which perfectly revitalize the delicate skin under my eyes.

What do you think about such skin care routine? It’s hard to find enough time during the day? Do you apply layered skin care? Would you add some cosmetic to such a ritual? Be sure to leave a comment 🙂

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