NO to wrinkles! Younger look thanks to Eye and Lip Contour Cream by Sisley

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No-one favours wrinkles that appear around our eyes and lips. The matter gets even worse when we notice swellings and sagging; we don’t even want to look at our reflections in the mirror. Luckily, you can avoid such unpleasant surprises. The easiest way is to apply line-reducing preparation Eye and Lip Contour Cream by Sisley. What are my reflections after a month-long treatment?

How do wrinkles develop?

They appear around 30 as a result of our skin being exposed to various external factors. Among others, we can enumerate the following: solar radiation, urban pollution, lifestyle and consumed food. Also, with age the level of collagen and hyaluronic acid drops down. The outcome? Skin becomes dry, contracted, and as a consequence, wrinkled. When our face loses its youthful look, gravitation lines follow. Laughter lines, in turn, appear as a result of the excessive facial muscles work.

How to cope with wrinkles?

I suggest following my footsteps and giving a go to Eye and Lip Contour Cream by Sisley. The good thing about this product is that it goes with a massager which facilitates distributing the cream and conditioning the skin. Moreover, the cream by Sisley makes skin more supple, counteracts sagging and removes dark circles from eye skin area. Also, it restores the proper moisturisation to skin, wrinkles become less visible and complexion is more radiant. Basically, all eye skin area imperfections are less visible thanks to natural substances included into composition of Eye and Lip Contour Cream by Sisley. These are: yeast, soy proteins, cedar and pomegranate extracts, to name just a few.

How did I use Eye and Lip Contour Cream by Sisley?

I applied this cosmetic to my eyelids, around eyes and lips area, morning and evening. Then, with the aid of the gadget that goes with the cream I massaged the skin following the instructions given by the producer. I smoothed skin around my eyes, above my eyebrows and eyelids moving from the outer to the inner corners of eyes. I applied zig-zag motions between my eyebrows to reduce, so-called, lion’s furrow. Finally, I took care of crow’s feet so I massaged the cosmetic into the outer corners of the eyes.

Have you already used the newest cream by Sisley?

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