How did Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation work for me?

Hi, Girls!

I bought Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation because I was delighted by its wide gamut of colours and the manufacturer’s assurance. However, was I satisfied with it? About my cosmetic adventures with Magic Foundation, you will read below.

For whom Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation?

According to the manufacturer, Magic Foundation is recommended for all skin types no matter whether it is dehydrated, with imperfections, oily or normal. In my humble opinion, it’s not entirely true. I have normal skin with pigmentations and a bit dry. Charlotte Tilbury Foundation has not entirely camouflaged my imperfections and the worst thing is that some dry skin patches were even more visible. I think that if you have a well-hydrated face then the Magic Foundation may work true miracles.

What do we read on the Charlotte Tilbury website?

Charlotte Tilbury claims that the foundation provides natural coverage, smooth skin and camouflages imperfections. It does not gather in the crease, by the nose and eyes. Thanks to this cosmetic, skin looks healthy and young, is perfectly matte and prepared for further steps. Is it all true? Nonetheless, a great advantage of this product is sun protection in form of SPF 15. Protection against the sun and premature ageing are really important to me. Another great quality is aforementioned wide colour gamut. Charlotte Tilbury offers 15 shades from very light through neutral to dark.

What is my impression of Magic Foundation?

On the advantages of the foundation by Charlotte Tilbury I already wrote. Now it is time to shift to the drawback of this product. First, it didn’t really work for my skin. Only once I was pleased with the result: I used a deeply moisturising cream first. The foundation used on top of the cream looked awesome — no dry patches, imperfections covered perfectly and natural effect. Unfortunately, it is a pleasure that couldn’t last. The foundation has sort of “get used to” the cream and after few days I was back to where I started. Second, Magic Foundation has a thick formula that is difficult to apply. Thickens fast, which is inconvenient and many women will find it difficult to spread on the skin. Even using thin layer will not help because there are always smudges and dark spots.

Will I buy Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation again? You know the answer.

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