Dolce&Gabbana, ‘The One’ eau de toilette finally with me!


Sweet, sensational and very feminine. This is what a new eau de toilette Dolce&Gabbana, The One is. What is even better, at least for me, this fragrance has been standing on my dressing table for a few days now! It looks really incredible. However, does this perfume work as well as its design suggests?

The One eau de toilette by Dolce&Gabbana

It is closed in a slender phial made of glass, which seems to be really fragile. Atomizer was hidden under a golden cap which brings into my mind all the luxury typical for Dolce&Gabbana fashion house. This eau de toilette has a very pleasant and sensational fragrance which is suitable for every occasion you can imagine. For me, The One is perfect to wear it for summer walks. Which fragrance notes is this product by Dolce&Gabbana made of? The head notes, sensed as the first ones, are bergamot, mandarin, litchi and peach. Heart notes include: ylang moheli, lily and orange blossom. Vanilla, vetiver and musk belong to base notes.

The One fragrance collection

Apart from eau de toilette, Dolce&Gabbana offers fragrances in small phials designed for women and men. Males can recognize their version of this cosmetic by looking for a small, square, transparent phial with a wooden cap. The fragrances created for men include grapefruit, basil and colander (head notes). Heart notes are cardamom and ginger whereas base notes are made from snuff, ambergris and cedar wood. Especially for ladies, Dolce&Gabbana prepared a series of cosmetics to take care of body skin. These are body lotions, shower gels and deodorants. Naturally, all the cosmetics share the same smell of The One.

How to use Dolce&Gabbana fragrances?

Use the product to spray all the body parts where you can feel the pulse. Thanks to the warmth that is released with faster blood flow, the aroma of the fragrance spreads and stays on skin for long hours. If you would like to prolong this flower-and-fruit aroma of The One, apply jojoba oil before the perfume. This oil is fragrance-free and makes the aroma of any perfumes stay with you way longer.

What are your methods of helping your favourite fragrance stay with you longer?

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