Jelly Beam highlighter by Farsali


To be honest, I’ve never seen such a cosmetic before, like never ever. It resembles jelly and shines like a chest full of treasure. The item I’m describing is Farsali highlighter, Jelly Beam. Find out how it worked on my skin and what my make-up gained due to this cosmetic.

Jelly Beam highlighter by Farsali is closed in a small jar. Its consistency is jelly but it turns into powdery one right after applying it to skin. So far the producer has launched only one shade of this highlighter, Glazed. The thing that I truly like about this cosmetic is its composition free from oils, talc and animal-derived ingredients. Therefore, the product is just right for vegetarians and people with sensitive skin. Finally, Jelly Beam provides an incredible effect of highlighted and radiant complexion.

How to apply Jelly Beam highlighter by Farsali?

This product can be applied in a few ways. If you would like to obtain the classic effect, apply Jelly Beam to the tops of your cheekbones and blend it with a foundation using either a brush or a sponge. If you would like to get even greater outcomes, put the cosmetic on your collarbone, shoulders and cleavage. Moreover, you can even make your eyes look bigger thanks to this highlighter by Farsali. All you need to do is apply a really small amount of Jelly Beam to the inner corners of the eyes and then blend with the eyeshadows thoroughly. Basically, you can also distribute the highlighter to the above the crease area. Actually, the best thing about this Farsali product is that it can be used to highlight the entire body; it can be put to all body parts. Just mix it with, for example, a moisturising oil, and then apply this blend to your hands, legs, shoulders or thighs (if you’re going to wear a short dress).

Summary: My opinion

Has Jelly Beam by Farsali served my skin and looked good when combined with my make-up? Basically, yes, it has but I had to learn how to use it first. If you apply this product in galore, it will shine intensively the entire day. Honestly, I do like the consistency of this cosmetic. As I mentioned it above, in the jar the product is jelly-ish and when applied to face or other body parts Jelly Beam by Farsali becomes powdery, almost insensible. However, it’s a pity Farsali offers only one shade of this marvellous product. I hope, soon the brand will sell other shades as well. I think it’s worth waiting.

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