Why Are Lips Dry & How to Fix the Problem? I’ve Tried Out Inglot Lip Oil

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Winter’s getting closer and closer so we should take care of the fragile lip skin as soon as possible. How to do it? You can follow my footsteps and try out Inglot Lip Oil. Read the post to check how the product worked on a daily basis.

Why do lips get dry?

Lips are extremely delicate and sensitive to external factors; they react to the skin care and products in a given way. Since they’re free from sebum glands, they’re exposed to dryness, irritation and chapping. If you don’t apply any moisturising products, your lips must feel tightened and burning. Such feelings are intensified in the winter time. To make things worse, products with dehydrating substances may damage the protective lipid coat of the skin. One step away from irritation.

How to deal with overdried skin?

The right care and protection matter a lot. For smooth and nourished lips, start with the exfoliation. A drugstore or DIY product will do. Exfoliating abrasives remove dry skin parts, smooth the lips and increase blood flow (lips will be firmer and have a nicer color). Remember about moisturising and protecting products. Use them every day; before the shortest winter walk, too. Your lip cosmetics should be rich in substances providing the lips with intensive hydration and protection against external aggressors.

Inglot Lip Oil

It comes in a black 4-ml bottle. Such a tiny product’s going to fit in every bag, beauty case or pocket. You choose between three shades: delicate beige, light pink of a cherry aroma and a clear, fragrance-free and hypoallergenic oil. Inglot Lip Oil contains Alpine apple seed extract, Cherry oil, Apricot oil, Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Shea butter and vitamin E. How does the product work? The oil moisturises, softens and smoothes the lips, delivering a natural shine and keeping them from chapping.

Have you used Inglot Lip Oil? What are your impressions? 

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