Magic pencil by Benefit Cosmetics. Concealer set Erase Case Boi-ing


Pimples, discolorations and moles… What else can appear on your face that blemishes it and disturbs normal existence of a regular girl? I bet you can flood me with numerous similar things. Fortunately, you don’t have to bother about skin imperfections any longer. Benefit Cosmetics brand has come up with a concealer set called Erase Case Boi-ing.

Erase Case Boi-ing by Benefit Cosmetics set

Honestly, I’ve never seen such a cosmetic etui before. All the concealers by Benefit Cosmetics are hidden in… a big and yellow pencil – it resembles a pencil case we used to carry in our backpack to school. The entire set consists of four concealers that deliver moisturisation, highlighting and various levels of camouflage. Therefore, we can choose between: boi-ing industrial strength, boi-ing brightening, boi-ing hydrating and boi-ing airbrush. All of them are available in three ranges so as to match various skin tone types. What’s worth mentioning, the cosmetics in the pencil case etui are rather small which makes them perfect to get them to work or any trip you want to go.

How to use Erase Case Boi-ing concealers by Benefit Cosmetics?

I suggest beginning with boi-ing hydrating concealer containing vitamin E and apple seed extract. Owning to the cosmetic, you are going to hide fine lines and dark circles under your eyes. Minor skin imperfections can be camouflaged due to boi-ing industrial strength concealer, and the skin tone can be made even thanks to boi-ing brightening concealer. In order to obtain even better effect, don’t forget to use the last concealer, boi-ing airbrush. Unfortunately, the produced didn’t add any applicators to the set, therefore you need to reach for your own brushes. Luckily, the etui is big enough to store any concealer brush you currently owns. Do you know how to use this pencil-etui diferently? Just take out the concealers, put them into your make-up bag and gift the etui to your child. I bet most of the kids, especially girls, will love having such a pencil case.

What do the concealers by Benefit Cosmetics contain and are they safe?

Sincerely, I’ve been using the concealers really long and there was no single time when they irritated me. I can even say that I’m totally positive these products suit all skin types. Ok, maybe those of you whose skin is sensitive should be more careful. When it comes to the list of ingredients, the concealers contain talc and mineral oil which can clog skin pores. What else do the products have? Among others, we can find there oils, antioxidants, vegetable waxes, natural colourants and silica.

Are you going to use this magic pencil by Benefit Cosmetics?

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