Traveller’s Beauty Bag. Which Items to Pack before Setting Off?


I’m sure you’ve happened to end up traveling without essentials like hand lotion, shampoo or toothbrush at least once in a lifetime, haven’t you?

Been there, done that! To handle the problem I decided to create my travel beauty essentials set. Now I only need to remember to take it with me and I have all necessary items on me. Read on to see what to pack into your travel beauty bag.

A traveller’s beauty bag

Let’s start by stating a couple of rules for picking traveller’s beauty products. It’s definitely different from the beauty set we use on a daily basis. We must remember that beauty routine in travel plays by its own rules and items that work in your regular life may prove useless in other conditions e.g. on a camping trip.

What to remember about while picking cosmetics for travel? Here are a few tips.

  1. Less is more. As far as your travelling beauty bag goes, you shouldn’t think “I’ll take all my products, they’ll come in handy for sure” because, first of all, they won’t, and, second of all, the space in your bag has some limitations.
  2. Multi-purpose cosmetics. The best thing you can do is take products that can be used in many different ways, e.g. oils which condition the skin, maintain optimal hydration levels in hair, protect against the sun, and alleviate irritations.
  3. Focus on real essentials. I rarely take my full-make-up kit when I travel because I know I won’t use it. I try to take items that I really need and use like mascara.

Which beauty items to pack before setting off on a journey?

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, that is a list of products that are useful in travel. I’ll list the items that I take with me and hopefully they will be inspiration for your own set.

My travel beauty essentials

  • shampoo bar – I wash my hair every two or three days and I hate when it’s greasy so shampoo is a must in my travel essentials kit. I choose a shampoo bar not just because it’s more eco-friendly but mostly because it takes less space and won’t spill in my bag.
  • toothbrush and paste – I usually use an electric brush but take a bamboo toothbrush (there may be no electricity) when packing on a trip plus a small toothpaste tube.
  • shea butter – cold-pressed, unrefined shea butter is a HIT in my travel beauty routine because it works as a moisturizer, hand lotion, cream for dry feet, ointment for irritated skin, eye cream and a lip balm. Because it is solid it won’t spill; it melts in contact with skin, working wonders and leaving it soft, smooth and healthy.
  • almond oil – I like to take at least one natural oil because it works to condition the skin but also the hair if it gets very dry because of my holiday adventures.
  • mascara – I can’t imagine going outside without mascara on. I can do without eyeshadow, lipstick or even foundation but mascara is a must. Ideally waterproof one; I use almond to remove it and it’s ideal for this purpose.
  • rice powder – I also take rice powder everywhere because it works well as a T-zone shine control as well as foot powder to avoid blisters and dry shampoo (I sprinkle some on the hair roots).
  • Aleppo soap – obviously we need something to wash the body with, right? The olive oil and laurel oil soap is the other bar in my beauty kit. I love it for naturalness, for washing my skin so wonderfully without drying it out, and for being gentle even on the sun-damaged complexion.

My travel essentials set is complete!

Let me know about the items you can’t do without on a camping or business trip. Is the kit similar to mine or is it five times bigger?

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