I’ve Tested CBD Oil. Hit or Miss?

Let me be honest with you, I needed a couple of long weeks to get myself ready for writing a post on CBD oils. I just couldn’t figure out how to approach this subject. There are so many controversies surrounding these oils, aren’t there? And because of that I decided that firstly I will try to explain what CBD oils are, and later reveal how they worked for me. If you’re curious whether CBD oils are a hit or miss, please continue reading.

Properties of cannabis. Med or drug?

Reports show that the benefits of cannabis were already known in the ancient times. Centuries ago people used extracts and oils obtained from cannabis sativa plant to treat various types of ailments. Nowadays more and more research shows that cannabis has many medicinal properties, including its widely-known pain alleviating effect.

However, there is one thing about cannabis that gives rise to controversy – cannabis is commonly considered as a drug. The psychoactive THC compound is responsible for the bad reputation of cannabis sativa plant, but if you dig dipper you will find the information that THC is just one out of almost 500 different chemical compounds found in this plant. Surprisingly, not all types of cannabis contain THC, and the huge majority of them don’t even induce any hallucinations or lead to addictions. Actually, they work the complete opposite, meaning that they have a positive influence on our health, mainly owing to a substance called cannabidiol, which is the very CBD.

CBD oil, also known as Cannabis sativa oil

This recent sudden increase of CBD oils popularity worldwide is undeniable. What makes CBD so immensely popular? One of the main reasons is that the human organism tolerates cannabidiol surprisingly well. Additionally, this substance is proven to have numerous health benefits. Not only does it impact our looks by defying and slowing down ageing processes, but also it improves our mood.

Note! It’s worth realizing that CBD oil is obtained from Cannabis sativa that has no additive effect on humans. That’s why CBD oil is easily accessible in shops selling healthy food and dietary supplements. You can also order it via the Internet without worrying that this purchase may have some unpleasant legal consequences.

Beauty treatments. How does CBD oil affect your physical appearance?

Beauty products enriched with CBD, or the oil alone, can be applied externally to improve the effects that your regular beauty routine gives you. It’s worth using this substance on a daily basis because it:

  • is a potent antioxidant, so it fights off free radicals.
  • has a strong anti-ageing effect, meaning that it slows down ageing processes that occur in our bodies.
  • reduces inflammation that comes with some ailments.
  • prevents fungal infections and aids in curing certain skin conditions.
  • speeds up skin self-healing processes, tissue regeneration and cell renewal.

Healing. How does CBD oil improve your health?

Above all, however, CBD oil is used as a kind of food supplement proven to have a beneficial effect on our health. When used internally, the oil:

  • reduces the symptoms of various types of allergies, and even eliminates them completely.
  • relieves the pain caused by various diseases.
  • helps you fall asleep faster and improves the overall quality of sleep.
  • boosts the immune system and restores balance in your organizm.
  • has a soothing and calming effect.

Application of CBD oil. Tips

What is the correct way of using CBD oil? For example, you can use it externally by rubbing it into skin or enrich your regular beauty products by mixing them with a few drops of the oil. More often, however, CBD oil is put under the tongue. Grab a dropper, open your mouth and place 2-3 drops under the tongue. Wait until your skin absorbs the oil – and this is exactly how I’m applying CBD oil.

Summary, conclusion and my thoughts

It’s now 4 weeks since I’ve been using CBD oil, and I can tell you that:

  • I’m actually more peaceful and relaxed; the change isn’t spectacular but I can feel that my body is working on a ‘slow life’ mode.
  • I can see less imperfection on my skin, which in fact my face used to be covered with (e.g. breakouts, blackheads, redness).
  • The allergies I suffer from have become somehow less annoying, which means a lot to me because spring is a season of sneezing, blowing my nose and scratching my face.

So, with all that being said, would I recommend you CBD oil? Well, I can’t do that because the sad truth is that CBD oils aren’t good for everybody. I’d suggest you to read more about CBD oils, learn their pluses and minuses to later decide if you want to test it on yourself. I need to point out that cannabidiol may have a slightly different effect on each person. Another important issue to mention is that the ratio and concentration of oil is also crucial, therefore I’d refer you to specialists that will tell you which oil suits you best and how to use it.

Do you use CBD oils? If so, let me know in the comments how they work for you!

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