Nanolash Serum – Professional Eyelash Nourishment

When we think of strong hair and healthy hair bulbs, we tend to forget that our eyelashes and eyebrows also have bulbs. Without proper care, they are damaged, weak and fragile. Treating brows and lashes the wrong way leads to thinning. Considering weak bulbs, they will not grow back as fast as you think.

I am sure lots of you have complained about the condition and appearance of eyelashes. No wonder – we find it hard to believe that such tiny hair also needs care and repair. Hence my idea to devote the post exclusively to nourishing the lashes. I have been testing a brilliant Nanolash eyelash serum for a month and already see the effects – perfect timing to write the review.nanolash the best eyelash serum

I bought Nanolash when I noticed my lashes were weak. I can blame the passing season – my hair, brows and lashes always get worse in the winter time. However, I also got some new makeup removers and waterproof mascara so a quite harsh rubbing was a must when I took it off. No wonder my eyelashes were falling like leaves in autumn.

Why Nanolash? I chose a serum that gets best ratings in comparison reviews and receives lots of rave opinions from women who have used it. I loved its design – it was not a decisive factor but I hate tacky cosmetics. Nanolash serum is just beautiful <3

Nanolash – composition

There is one more reason that made me fall for Nanolash conditioner: the list of ingredients is short and rich, not as thick as a phone book. Several components that nourish, condition and boost eyelash growth, and regenerate bulbs. The Eyebright Extract is an interesting ingredient – it is ideal for the sensitive skin of eyelids.healthy eyelashes with nanolash

Nanolash – effects

I have been using Nanolash serum for four weeks (I am starting the fifth week of treatment now). I did not expect such a fast growth. They got longer in the third week! Now, they grow slowly yet successively. They are 4 mm longer than at the beginning of the treatment! They are getting thicker and darker and I have an impression their quantity is doubled. It is most striking when I apply mascara. Nanolash enhancer stimulates even the bulbs that have been non-active so far. As a result, you got more lashes both on the upper and lower eyelid.

Nanolash eyelash serum effects

Nanolash – application

I will tell you how to use the serum. Nothing easier… Have you ever used an eyeliner? I bet you all know how it is done. Nanolash serum is applied the same way – there is a tiny brush for spreading it on the eyelids. Beware! You must remove makeup first, preferably in the evening, taking off all colored cosmetics. Use it daily.

beautiful eyes with nanolash conditioner

After two months of treatment, it gets even comfier. You apply the serum only twice a week to hold up the effects of long, thick and strong eyelashes.

Summing up: I am really satisfied with Nanolash and the effects I have achieved. The conditioner has not let me down, not even a bit. My lashes have never been as beautiful. I wish the product was available at drugstores. On the other hand, when you make an online order, the courier delivers Nanolash serum right to your door.

13 Comments “Nanolash Serum – Professional Eyelash Nourishment”

  1. Blue Valentine

    I chose this serum cause I heard so many good things about it and let me tell you that I wasn’t disappointed. I have the “spider legs” effect, so I always apply little to no mascara, just a pinch to outline the lashes. Now ( 4 months of treatment with Nanolash ) I don’t use mascara at all, no need for it really because lashes are longer and darker than ever 😀

  2. Ann7

    Same here :d big difference for the better 😉

  3. Wendy_June

    Hey, do you think that it will help with brows? Anyone tried it??

    • RachelRachel

      Sure! Go ahead and use it on brows. Nanolash has great applicator and you can apply it where you need it most 😉

    • Polly

      I use it on lashes and brows and let me tell ya the difference is huge!! with brows I had this problem that were soo thin and after I use this serum they became more expensive and look much better!

  4. Jasmine

    Heard about it too, and maybe I try it. Pity, there is no before after pictures..

  5. Carol44

    Best lashes serum. I use it for 3 months everyday and then three times a week and my lashes are gorgeous

  6. Moonlight

    Ladies, is any of you with sensitive eyes and skin used it??

    • Sandra Lowen

      I am allergic to almost all cosmetics and have like these few that are okay. I wouldn’t buy it myself because I don’t want to spend so much cash on another cosmetic that will not work nut I got nanolash as a gift, use it almost a month now and no allergy so far. So I think I can go ahead and recommend it to all with sensitive eyes and skin 🙂

  7. Kelly

    waste of money. good mascara is all you need.

  8. E88

    where can I get it? I’ve never seen it before.

    • Polly

      I think online, best on the producer website

  9. CoCo

    in the beginning I got freaked out because lashes started to fall out and I stopped using it. Then I read on some forum that it happens sometimes when you start the treatment, so I renewed it form the beginning and this time everything was okay.


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