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My Ranking Of The Best Brow Lamination Kits – I Tested Them For You!


Have you ever heard of DIY brow lamination? If you think this treatment can only be done by a professional, you could not be more wrong! All you need is to get yourself a good brow lamination kit and you can achieve similar results without leaving home. Sounds great, doesn’t it? 🙂 I have created a ranking of the best brow lamination kits, especially for you. Get to know them better!

This question probably comes to your mind: how to laminate eyebrows without any special skills? Rest assured, usually brow lamination kits are easy to use and come with clear instructions!

So…which eyebrow lamination kit to choose? I tested a lot of solutions available on the beauty market nowadays so I could tell you exactly what to expect. It took a while, but finally, I can present this post to you 🙂

Are you ready to search for the best kit for yourself? Stay tuned!

Eyebrow lamination – who is it for?

If your eyebrows don’t look the way you want, they stick out or grow irregularly, eyebrow lamination may be a great option for you.

I think the brow lamination treatment is actually good for anyone, no matter what brow type you have. She can always bring out even more of your eyebrows and uniquely enhance their natural beauty! 🙂

I believe that all eyebrows have the potential to become beautiful and thick – you just need to care for them properly.

The lamination treatment is, in my opinion, the most convenient method to achieve really noticeable and wonderful results.

I did not use to know how to laminate my eyebrows, but now I find it very easy (I think now I could do it with my eyes closed :D) and I know that soon it will be the same for you! 🙂


1# Nanobrow Lamination Kit

Nanobrow Lamination Kit definitely caught my attention the most and I know I will use this kit for DIY brow lamiantion more than once. It’s really practical and it would be hard to point out one thing that’s wrong with it. The kit includes brow laminating products with safe ingredients and a set of convenient applicators which ensure easy application of all the products. The very first time, I was able to do the eyebrow lamination on my own extremely quickly, without thinking about what step I should do next even for a moment. The numbered bottles prove a huge help, especially for beginners!

After performing the brow lamination treatment with this kit, my brows became visibly thicker, and any sparse areas I struggled with daily were unnoticeable. The problem of unruly arches also disappeared.

Importantly, Nanobrow Lamination Kit lasts for up to 10 lamination treatments – I like to save money, and with Nanobrow Lamination Kit it’s easy!

This efficient solution comes at an attractive price and works like no other 🙂


  • allows you to quickly and effortlessly do your own eyebrow lamination at home
  • has good, efficient formulas that do not irritate the skin
  • provides me with a really amazing effect of bold and defined eyebrows
  • is a great option for women who don’t know how to laminate their eyebrows yet, but I think it will work just as well for professionals


  •  so far I can’t think of anything 🙂


What I liked about this brow lamination kit almost immediately was the packaging – I really like all the shades of brown and such a stylish and feminine box. When I looked inside, I saw nicely arranged solutions and applicators. I was curious to see if I would get the effect of fluffy eyebrows after doing the lamination treatment with this kit. It is worth noting that, in this case, the brow lamination kit only lasts for 6 treatments

How did it work? I’m satisfied, the eyebrows actually became fluffy and I gained quite a long-lasting effect. Eyebrow lamination with this kit requires only three steps, making it a simple tool for DIY brow lamination at home.

I also felt that the formulas were gentle on my skin and I didn’t notice any redness once.

Interestingly, I was able to slightly increase the volume of my eyebrows and gently lift them, making them look much more feathery 🙂


  • contains clear instructions, also in video form
  • it contains everything you need for brow lamination
  • you can count on long-lasting and lovely effects
  • eyebrows look much better than before the treatment


  • could be a little more efficient, does not last long
  • high price

3# RefectoCil Brow Lamination Kit

As soon as I performed brow lamination with this kit, I noticed that my brows gained the desired lift. The kit comes in a unique, practical, and modern packaging. The applicators are handy and ensure you can take care of every detail. Importantly, with this kit, you can perform as many as 15 treatments, so it is super efficient. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the consistency of the products – somehow it didn’t appeal to me, but perhaps it will turn out to be suitable for you. The formula with keratin makes the brows visibly stronger. The complete brow laminating treatment with this kit did not take me long. A big plus for the free cotton pads.


  • lasts for a long time
  • you can perform a quick brow lamination with it
  • brows after treatment with this kit are precisely styled and stronger


  • consistency
  • quite a high price

4# Makeup Revolution Laminate Brow

This brow lamination kit allows you to do your own brow lamination in four steps. What caught my attention about this solution is definitely the nourishing ingredients included in the formulas like keratin, which has moisturizing and strengthening properties. In addition, it is worth noting sunflower oil that is helpful when it comes to nourishing eyebrows. Okay…  but what about the laminating abilities? Does this kit actually work? Following the brow lamination treatment, I noticed that my eyebrows gained a nice shape and are no longer unmanageable. When it comes to filling in sparse areas and the thickening effect, it worked a bit worse, but  I noticed that the brows look very healthy, full of shine, and are more flexible 🙂

The solutions included in the brow lamination kit do not run into the eyes and have a pleasant consistency. Unfortunately, the laminating effect was not long-lasting… after just one week I had to perform the whole treatment once again.


  • nourishes, strengthens, and moisturizes eyebrows well, making them look polished
  • improves the eyebrow shape
  • comes with good laminating products which can be easily applied on the eyebrows


  • does not deliver a long-lasting effect
  • did not handle the problem of unwanted gaps
  • doesn’t provide the “wow” effect I was hoping for

5# Elevate The Beauty Long Term Eyebrow Lamination

I expected more from this brow lamination kit. When it comes to long-lasting effects, everything is fine – the effects of brow lamination with this kit last up to 6 weeks, but the effects themselves could have been better. I thought my brows would become thicker and more voluminous but they only got a nice lift. The brow lamination kit is sufficient for 8 individual treatments. It can work well for eyebrows that are already thick and just need a good definition.


  • long-lasting effects
  • easy application
  • affordable price


  • does not provide a thicker brow look, not suitable for thin eyebrows
  • performance could be better

Eyebrow lamination – is it worth trying?

In my opinion, it is worth it! Here are the biggest advantages I’ve noticed since I’ve been using this brow styling method:

➝ I don’t have to worry about my brow hairs sticking out

➝ I gain precisely styled and thicker-looking eyebrows

➝ I can forget about my brow makeup every day

➝ I gain convenience and comfort and save time

If you believe that DIY eyebrow lamination at home is for you, be sure to choose a good brow lamination kit and start your new adventure – full of convenience that puts a smile on your face! 🙂

Each of you can become a professional and achieve impressive results! It doesn’t matter if your eyebrows are unruly and stick out or full of unwanted sparse areas!

Do you already know which brow lamination kit to choose? Or do you already have one at home? Make sure to share your impressions and brow lamination results!

Have a lovely day!