My first make-up set. These were the days…

Hello everyone,

Today’s post will take us back in time. You’ll see which cosmetics I used to apply as a teenager, how my make-up looked like, and whether I enjoyed applying it at all. Here is my first make-up bag. Feel invited to read my diary-like entry.


These are the basic cosmetics that each woman should have. Naturally, of the great importance is the selection of the appropriate shade and formula. To check this out, apply a small amount of the product onto the jawline. If it gets absorbed and doesn’t leave stains, find the product perfect for you. It wasn’t that long ago that I didn’t know much about color cosmetics. I wasn’t aware that make-up foundations and concealers can fight the bacteria as well as nourish and moisturize skin. Therefore, I used to buy the cheapest products because, after all, the pocket money of a teenager isn’t that high. Of course, little did I know about the application. As many girls at that age, I used to apply many layers of a foundation, without blending it precisely near ears, hair and jaw. Hopefully, soon enough I discovered that I didn’t have to wear this ‘mask-like effect’ on my face. Similar issue was connected with the concealer. I didn’t know how to match its shade with the foundation shade. The effect? Either dark or pale spots ruining my entire make-up. After all, I’m glad that I knew where to apply the concealer. I put it on the discolorations, acne and dark circles under eyes.


It’s a teenagers’ thing to apply thick coats of a mascara. The result? Clumped eyelashes which resemble more of an insect’s legs than natural lashes. So how to apply mascara the right way? Wipe the excess of the cosmetic against a tissue or the mouth of the mascara’s tube. Then put the applicator near the roots of the eyelashes and move it using a zig-zag motion upwards, reaching the tips. If you happen to have a brush with widely arranged bristles, it will be easier for you to separate eyelashes. Remember to choose a mascara that features the qualities you find the most desired, like for example, extending, curling, or thickening.


As a teenager used to choose eye-shadows of natural, pastel and delicate shades. Of course, I was in possession of an eyeliner but I didn’t use it too frequently. I can’t remind myself buying blue, vivid pink or glittery cosmetics. The only disadvantage of my first eye-shadows was the quality. The products I used to make my eyelids prettier with were bought in a local shops selling all various kinds of stuff. They looked good for just a few hours to flake off soon and ruin my make-up.


When I look back at my lip care, I have to admit that I didn’t pay attention to the state of my lips at all. I mean, I wasn’t used to moisturize my lips or apply peelings to them. Instead, I applied tones of lip-glosses. However, I didn’t like the sticky formula of theirs, they made my lips dehydrated and were super shiny. A few years ago we didn’t have so wide choice of lip cosmetics like we are lucky to have nowadays (matte lip balms, lipsticks in a liquid formula and lip balms inspired by the unicorn motive).

How did your make-up use to look like when you were a teenager?

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