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How to Choose the Best Brow Pen? See My Reviews to Find Out!

A microblading effect without tattooing? Yep, possible! An innovative eyebrow pen leaves the brows looking as if microbladed. That’s my biggest brow discovery and I was dying to review it for you!

Microblading is one of the methods of applying permanent eyebrow make-up. For the time being, I can’t imagine getting it done. Maybe one day… Now it’s too scary to me. Plus, it turns out we don’t need such treatments because there’s a product which works nearly the same and is pain-free!

I’m going to review the best eyebrow pens on the cosmetic market and I’m sure you’ll love them too. If you’re interested in the topic, then stay with me!


– Nanobrow Microblading Pen – 10/10

nanobrow reviews

Without a doubt, it is the greatest brow makeup discovery I’ve made. It’s able to draw millimeter-long lines which mimic real hair. It leaves brows looking bolder yet natural – the brow look I’ve always dreamt of <3 This brow pen guarantees three-dimensional marvelous celebrity-worthy eyebrows. The waterproof formula gets through any weather conditions. When I use this product, I’m always sure I won’t need any makeup touchups throughout the day. The Nanobrow pen has been inspired by the microblading technique. It’s truly unique and stands against other products. It delivers elegant, precise makeup without any effort. I chose Blonde but there are four more shades. I do my brows differently every day so it goes with my mood, plus I master the technique. Tattooed brows aren’t my thing. Summing up: I highly recommend the Nanobrow microblading pen because it has a super-thin precise tip and works wonders!

– Benefit Cosmetics Brow Microfilling Pen – 9/10

benefit pen review

This superb brow pen delivers a microblading effect. 24 hours of perfectly-shaped brows that look flawless. It allows me to create very natural-looking day makeup. The formula is perfect for all types of brow hair. The waterproof formula is untouched by the rain or heat. The precise and easy-to-use pen helps create stunning makeup in a flash. There’s a reason why I include it in the round-up, however, it doesn’t measure up to my number one 🙂

– Milk Makeup Kush Triple Brow Pen – 8/10

milk brow pen review

Wow, this one is a truly innovative product. The triple-pronged pen manages to fill in sparse areas, thicken and volumize the brows at one go, and the effects are terrific. Even though it hasn’t got an intense pigment, we can build the color and apply more product. It’s a brilliant and easy way to quickly style the brows. The formula is rich in hemp seed oil, sunflower oil and aloe which have conditioning and nourishing effects. To me, it’s cool and worth noting.

– Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color – 6/10

stila brow color

This eyebrow pen has a very thin tip which means we can shape the brows precisely. The waterproof formula is great. The carefully-selected substances style as well as condition the hairs because they include honey and extract from aloe and chamomile, among others. The pen is very easy to use so even a brow makeup beginner will manage. All we need to do is create thin lines trying to make them look real. Natural, full-looking, defined brows – that’s the effect of Stila Stay All Day brow pen. It’s the last one because I think it’s worse than the above picks.

I’m sure you’ll pick the best brow pen now! Thanks for reading and see ya!