Honey for Hair: Does It Work Better than Hair Oil Treatment?

Have you ever heard of putting honey in hair? I first came across this natural treatment a few days ago and of course couldn’t help trying it out.

What are my results? Keep reading!

What is honey hair treatment exactly?

Putting honey in hair is a quick and cheap hair treatment. It is used for moisturizing the hair and making it much softer and smoother. Honey is a strong natural humectant (a substance boasting great hydrating potential).

Many sources I’ve come across say that honey is going to replace hair oil treatment soon. What’s the truth?

Honey on Hair vs Hair Oils

I believe there’s no point in comparing them. The reason is simple: honey is a humectant while oil is emollient. In other words, they are different substances that complement one another.

  • Applying honey on hair is an intensive moisturizing treatment that delivers water to deep layers of hair. It should be the first stage of hair care routine.
  • Hair oil treatment, on the other hand, aims to protect the hair and prevent loss of water. This is what makes it complement honey ideally.

What benefits does honey bring?

I hope it’s clear that honey is a good choice. So, let’s move on to the nitty-gritty: effects of putting honey in hair.

Most of all, honey deeply moisturizes the hair and scalp (because it can be applied on the scalp too). As a result, hair is smoother, softer, and more resilient, but it also enhances the appearance. Honey gives stunning gloss and makes dull hair look lustrous. Plus, it adds volume, which really shocked me!

Caution for brunettes: regular use of honey may slightly brighten the hair. To me the effect is very nice, though.

Honey on hair: step by step use

Obviously, you need honey. Ideally get natural, liquid honey and use it when it’s fresh. Note! Never apply raw honey solo unless your hair has low porosity (it’s rare).

A step-by-step guide to using honey on hair for best results.

  1. Mix honey with your favorite conditioner in a 1:1 ratio.
  2. Apply the mixture to dry hair throughout the length.
  3. Put the hair in a bun and let it sit for an hour or longer.
  4. Rinse the hair and shampoo it.
  5. And finally, apply emollient conditioner or hair oil.

Generally it is advised to put honey in dry hair but I tried it on damp hair and have a conclusion to share: the treatment gives better effects when honey is applied on damp (not soaking wet) hair because, as a humectant, honey can catch water molecules and deliver them to the inside of hair. This definitely tweaks the treatment but working it through dry strands works well too.

Let me know if you’re up for honey hair treatment!

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