Easy Recipes for Your Best DIY Natural Deodorant!


Are you a fan of DIY cosmetics? What would you say about an all-natural deodorant which has a smell that you like the most? Doing it isn’t tricky and you need just 4 ingredients! You will create the basic version with them. Then, you can add some more and try different ideas. Grab a recipe for a natural DIY deodorant – version based on baking soda (warning for those who are sensitive: baking soda may cause allergic reactions).


The proper ingredients are the key thing. With the following four components you can create the easiest aroma-free deodorant. Prepare:

  • Shea butter (2 tablespoons)
  • Potato flour (around 3 teaspoons)
  • Baking soda (25%; 3 teaspoons)
  • Grape seed, jojoba, castor or almond oil (3 teaspoons)

EASY! How to: DIY deodorant step by step

  1. Take shea butter and melt it over steam. Here’s how to do it: boil some water in a pot, put shea butter in a metal bowl and put the bowl on the pot so the steam can turn the butter into fluid.
  2. Put dry ingredients in another bowl: mix potato flour and baking soda until smooth. Choose powdery soda because it will be easier to blend with other ingredients.
  3. Now, mix all ingredients pouring shea butter and oil into the bowl with baking soda and flour. Create a smooth mixture. Put it in a jar and keep it in the freezer for a few minutes.

So, this was the basic version. I know you’re waiting for something extra: amazing scent, lovely color, and skin benefits. Here you go!

Different Versions of Natural Deodorant – Limitless Possibilities!

To give your DIY deodorant extra properties and lovely smell, you can try the power of essential oils – they will give your deodorant a unique aroma (all the more so when you blend different essential oils). Just remember not to overuse the fragrance substances. Only a few drops are more than enough because essential oils are highly concentrated and may irritate the skin when you use too much.

Which essential oils to pick?

The choice is totally up to you but you need to remember about unique properties of oils. For example, tea tree oil has antiseptic and antibacterial effects while thieves oil (a blend of essential oils) scares bacteria and viruses away (created during the Great Plague). Floral oils like bergamot, jasmine or rose smell like heaven. The fans of fresh aromas will click with vervain, lemon grass and green tea oil.


Apart from essential oils you can add natural cosmetic clays to give your deodorant nice color and extra conditioning properties. You don’t need to add much: a teaspoon is enough for one deodorant. Enjoy creating your compositions! Let me know about your DIY deodorants in a comment!

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