5-sense care. Hair cosmetics Rene Furterer Paris 5 Sens


Hair of each of us deserves professional care and this can be provided by 5 Sens belonging to Rene Furterer Paris brand. Shampoo, balm and oil will not only condition the strands and scalp but also body and our spirit. This sort of cosmetics is a real treat for senses, indeed.

5 Sens cosmetic series for hair

Rene Furterer Paris series is three hair beautifying cosmetics. All of them are designed for various hair and scalp types. They contain natural substances which take care of the scalp’s condition. These substances are: moisturising crocus oil, protective avocado oil, nourishing almond oil, hair growth accelerating castor oil and hair reinforcing jojoba oil. The cosmetics comprising 5 Sens series considerably facilitate hairstyling and conditioning scalp from the inside and outside.

How do 5 Sens cosmetics work?

The shampoo Rene Furterer Paris delicately cleanses and nourishes hair. Thanks to it, strands are silky smooth and soft, deeply moisturised and manageable again. How to use 5 Sens shampoo? This cosmetic has to be applied to wet scalp and massaged until lather obtained. After a few minutes the shampoo has to be rinsed thoroughly with lukewarm water. This product is designed for daily use.

5 Sens balm facilitates combing, delivers moisturisation and smoothing. Its consistency is light so it doesn’t overburden the hair. How to use Rene Furterer Paris balm? First of all, wash the hair with the above-mentioned shampoo and then apply the balm. Let it sit 2 minutes. Comb the strands and then rinse thoroughly. This cosmetic can be used very frequently.

What’s interesting, the last cosmetic that belongs to 5 Sens series, the oil closed in a glass phial, can be applied to hair and body. It provides body skin with healthy shine, nourishes and softens hair. Moreover, it is absorbed fast without leaving any greasy layer. How should we use it? Pour the cosmetic onto the palms and warm it up. Then, distribute it all over your body and hair. Rene Furterer Paris oil can be used to dry or damp hair. What’s important, the oil mustn’t be rinsed, yet left until it gets absorbed completely.

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