3 x Farsali oils. How did they serve me?


Oils is what women adore. Hence, once I saw that Farsail had launched their own series of oils, I knew I had to get them for myself. I can’t deny this, Farsail oils won my heart immediately. Natural composition and easy application are the biggest assets of these cosmetics. And how do they work? Find out by reading my entry.

Farsali oil trio

Farsali cosmetics are designed to condition all skin types. The series contains a multitask face oil named Unicorn Essence poured into a purple phial as well as two nourishing face and body oils in white (Rose Gold Elixir) and black (Volcanic Elixir) phials. Each bottle features a pipette which significantly helped me with applying the products. You can buy the oils via the Internet.

How do the oils work and what do they contain?

Unicorn Essence has various application. For example, it served me well as a make-up base and as a skin highlighting product. Due to antioxidant content, it counteracts free radicals and fights back premature skin ageing. The remaining ingredients, including accai berries, vitamin C and blueberries brighten, nourish and moisturise skin. How to apply Unicorn Essence by Farsali? Before you put on this cosmetic, cleanse your face skin thoroughly. Be careful not to let the oil get into your eyes since it can cause irritations.

Rose Gold Elixir is perfect to moisturise complexion and lips or as an additive to a foundation and other care cosmetics. This oil contains fatty acids as well as vitamins C and A. Thanks to these substances, skin becomes more radiant and supple, dark circles and swelling under eyes vanish. In general, skin becomes deeply moisturised. How to use Rose Gold Elixir? Before applying it, the cosmetic has to be vigorously shaken, and then put on face skin. The product can be reapplied morning and evening to obtain better results.

Volcanic Elixir soothes both post-acne inflammations and skin damages caused by UV radiation. This oil has also anti-free radical action; it counteracts premature skin ageing. Volcanic Elixir contains tamanu oil which is responsible for delivering moisture and nourishment of complexion. How to use this cosmetic? Again, you have to shake the bottle well. Next, you can apply the oil to your face. Of course, be careful not to put the oil into the eyes.

Have you already used one of the Farsali’s oils?

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