White clay, aka kaolinite: My personal best all-natural skincare product!

Hey, hi, hello 🙂 I bet you’ve already heard of cosmetic clays, haven’t you? If you’re looking for an efficacious clay, the one that will suit your skin type best, or if you would like to learn more about these all-natural cosmetics – keep reading this post. Today I’ll eulogize white clay, the gentlest among all mineral clays – which are also amazing. I’m sure you will be shocked how many applications kaolinite has for you!

What are cosmetic clays?

Simply put, cosmetic clays are… powdered rocks 🙂 No lie! And this powder is proven to be antibacterial, it improves the appearance of skin and helps tissue heal faster. It’s widely used as a pharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredient. Produced by chemical weathering, cosmetic clays offer a wide range of benefits that our skin is just waiting for. Interestingly, kaolinite, also known as white clay, happens to be one of the top-chosen clays used for skin care. Why is that?

White cosmetic clay – What’s that?

White clay is definitely one of the most popular, mainly because of being the gentlest to the skin. It nourishes and takes care of the face without causing irritation or contributing to dehydration. It won’t even leave you this nasty feeling of tight skin, which is typical of green clay. These qualities make kaolinite perfect for delicate, sensitive, dry and mature complexions. A high concentration of alum cleanses skin, reduces pores, balances sebum and at the same time it nourishes, smooths out and improves skin tone. And that is not all! White clay is able to soothe irritation and reduce inflammation. In addition, it absorbs excess sebum which makes it perfect for oily and combination skin. Used regularly as a mask, kaolinite cleanses deeply and leaves skin smoother.

What does white clay contain?

It’s incredible how many precious substances this white powder is made from! In white clay you can find the following: kaolin, silicon, aluminum, iron, magnesium, zinc, calcium, phosphates, calcium compounds and other micronutrients and minerals.

How do I use my white clay?

Naturally, facial mask is the most common application of white clay, and this is how I like to use it but instead of mixing it with tap water, I prefer floral water – lavender water to be precise, which I just adore. But you can go for any herbal or floral water of your liking. Just make sure that it’s good for your skin type.

From what I know, not many people see white clay as a face cleansing powder. Just apply it to a damp face, massage for a minute and rinse. Kaolinite offers you a daily portion of nutrients, making your skin feel super fresh and clean. Last but not least, white clay can be used as loose powder. So if you want, you can apply kaolinite to reduce shine.

Do you use cosmetic clays on a daily basis? Which one is your favourite?

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