What should an anti-wrinkle cream contain, what I look for in cosmetics

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Many of you ask me when is the best time to start using anti-wrinkle creams and what should that cream include. Since you are inquiring about 25-year-old, 30- and 40-year old faces that means that you might be looking for creams for yourselves, your moms and grandmothers. Hence the idea for the post! What exactly are anti-wrinkle creams? For what purpose have they been created? What should a good anti-wrinkle cream contain? What is my opinion about anti-wrinkle creams? Sit back, relax and keep on reading. 

When to start using anti-wrinkle creams?

Every age has its own rules, and the skin ageing process begins (unfortunately) quite early, because already at the age of 25. That is the ‘beginning of the end’: collagen fibres begin to weaken and slowly, but effectively disappear. Thus, many cosmetologists advise using delicate anti-ageing care and look for substances that help to inhibit the ageing process of the skin. What are these substances?

What should an anti-wrinkle cream contain?

The most important aspect of the mature skin care and anti-wrinkle prophylaxis is moisturizing the skin because a dry or dehydrated is more prone to the formation of fine lines. One of the best substances having hygroscopic abilities (the ability to combine and attract water molecules) is …

HYALURONIC ACID – 1g of hyaluronic acid can retain about 6% of water. Thanks to this unique ability the skin with maintains proper moisture level, protect from losing elasticity, increases resilience, smooths out and fills in fine lines. Not without reason, hyaluronic acid is called “an iron for wrinkles”.

The other ingredients from which the anti-wrinkle cream should be made are:

RETINOL – underrated vitamin A that stimulates epidermis renewal and improves skin elasticity, smoothes out wrinkles and prevents the formation of new ones.

VITAMIN C – another vitamin rejuvenating bomb that every anti-wrinkle face cream should contain. Vitamin C is a wonderful antioxidant that protects the skin against the harmful, debilitating and ageing effects of free radicals. One of its advantages is that it increases the resistance of the capillaries so that the cells do not deteriorate with time do easily, and in addition, the density of the skin is increased. Vitamin C reduces the tendency to discolouration and prevents the formation of pigmentation spots, which with age can make life miserable. It protects the skin against infections, prevents irritation and improves microcirculation by stimulating collagen synthesis.

COENZYME Q10 – an absolute hit in the fight against wrinkles. Coenzyme Q10 is also known as (somewhat strange name) ubiquinone (I know, it sounds like a creature from an SF novel). It is a substance necessary for proper functioning of every cell – it is responsible for the production of energy in cells and has a direct effect on the oxygenation of each cell. Coenzyme Q10 is an excellent and powerful antioxidant that sweeps up free radicals.

NIACINAMIDE – vitamin B3 also known as vitamin PP is extremely important because it is responsible for proper cell functioning. Thanks to this substance, our precious youth elixir – collagen – is not wasted. It prevents it from combining with harmful sugar molecules that have bag impact on the skin.

PEPTIDES – (the best known and most valuable for youthfulness that you should look for in creams are: matrixyl, argireline and son-ake – the latter comes from the venom of the viper. Equally valuable and strong peptides are those obtained from rice and wheat. Studies confirm that they contribute to the reduction of wrinkles.

GREEN TEA – valuable and vast source of antioxidants. It has regenerating, toning, and bactericidal properties. It protects the skin from free radicals and stimulates processes taking place in cells, responsible for their renewal and regeneration.

STEM CELLS –  are very helpful. They work as a small army that can contribute to smoothing out wrinkles. Those found in cosmetics, unfortunately, cannot divide and multiply (those are dead). However, our own stem cells have the ability to multiply and – mind that – to alter every cell in our body (the one that is necessary for the organism to renew itself). Stem cells contained in cosmetics are designed to stimulate the skin to regenerate, which is why they contain large amounts of antioxidants and polyphenols. The best stem cells are obtained from the apple tree Malus Domestica – a special species growing in Switzerland. They also derive from argan tree, alpine rose and grapes (the best strain with antioxidant activity comes from the region of Burgundy called solar vitis).

NIACIN – is a strong antioxidant that that quickly and easily deals with wrinkles, improves skin density and st the same time, overcomes a range of problems related to the skin, such as acne, redness, inflammations, dry patches and irritations. Niacin is also a great sunscreen that protects the skin against harmful UV radiation and toxins from the environment.

AHA FRUIT ACIDS – contribute to smoothing out wrinkles and exfoliate dead skin cells which facilitates skin penetration by other valuable substances. They make the skin cleansed thoroughly, smooth and brightened. AHA acids have a strong effect on the complexion and can irritate it, so any of you who have sensitive skin should avoid them anyway.

RESVERATROL – is an ingredient that appears in red wine. The French love and appreciate it, because, in addition to rejuvenating properties, resveratrol contributes to weight loss. So girls, from now on, wine on the face and…hmm… for the belly I recommend white mulberry, which has an equally high concentration of resveratrol.

This is where the list of the most important, the most valuable and the best active substances that support youth in the skin ends. Scientists and cosmetologists are looking for other, new and stronger substances that will support our fight for the youthful look. The immortal and irreplaceable substances in this matter are natural oils. They should be applied as a serum under the face cream. Another popular ingredient is snail slime, which contains a number of unique substances that have a positive effect on the appearance and density of the skin. When choosing an anti-wrinkle cream, remember that they are only to support the process of skin renewal, the rest we have to on our own: have a proper, healthy diet, exercise on a regular basis and lead an active lifestyle. If you buy a cream, pay particular attention to the concentration of the given ingredient (eg to make vitamin C bring the intended effects, its concentration in the product should range from 5% to 20%).

Do you buy anti-wrinkle creams? What is the most tempting aspect of such a product? Do you have a cream worth recommending? I am now starting the hunt for a good under-eye cream, of course, I will inform you about the results 🙂 Ciao! and successful shopping, lovelies!

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