Skincare Routine Mistakes. Wanna Have a Beautiful Face Skin? Don’t Do That!

We seem to know what the right skincare routine is like. We use high-quality, natural products that go with the skin type. It seems like everything’s fine. Too bad, we often make mistakes leading to skin problems. I’ve come to a conclusion that another ‘how to…’ guide isn’t going to work. I see that you appreciate my anti-guides more hence the post on how NOT to care for the skin and what things NOT to do to your face. 🙂

In the post, you can find the most common skincare mistakes. I’ve tried to give as many details as possible and explain why such solutions do harm to the skin. I hope your daily facial skin routine will be easier.


We choose wrong skin products.

Too bad. A good face cream or oil is the basis of the everyday skincare routine. The cosmetic provides nourishing, moisturising and active ingredients e.g. for smoothing the wrinkles. Improper skincare products are ineffective. The most important rule says that choosing the right products is the key to success. Then, the skin routine is a piece of cake.

We don’t moisturize oily skin.

Too bad. It’s believed that oily skin needs dehydration instead of hydration. Nothing more wrong. If you don’t moisturize your oily skin, you give it a signal that it must take care of its hydration itself. As a consequence, the skin produces the doubled amount of sebum that’s supposed to protect against the loss of water. Every skin type needs a permanent hydration – even oily, acne or atopic complexion.

We avoid scrubs and masks.

Too bad. Regardless of the skin type, you should go for an exfoliator at least once a week. In this way, you avoid dryness and irritation that are often the result of dead cells settling on the skin. If your skin is problematic, e.g. sensitive, use an enzymatic scrub. When it comes to skincare mistakes, not using exfoliators is the most common.

We wash the face with water only.

Too bad. What’s the most common crime you commit against your own skin? Washing it with nothing but water or with an ordinary soap. It’s an easy way to dehydrate the skin because water itself cannot guarantee hydration. You need ingredients that rebuild the lipid coat thus lock water in the epidermis.

We change skin products too often.

Too bad. The truth is that the skin likes diversity. That’s why we should replace cosmetics around twice a year. The skin gets used to some active ingredients and stops reacting to them. On the other hand, too many changes and trying to test all of the new arrivals aren’t a good idea. Three months is the minimum for one product.

We don’t keep brushes clean.

Too bad. It turns out that skincare mistakes have something to do with makeup. What are the things that gather most impurities? Dirty makeup brushes and sponges are the biggest sources of bacteria; especially when you keep them exposed e.g. in an open jar. You must clean all of your accessories every day after each use.

We remove makeup the wrong way.

Too bad. It’s hard to master the art of removing eye and face makeup. The way you apply and remove beauty products matters a lot. Pulling, tearing, rubbing too harshly – an easy way to stretch the skin and deprive it of the elasticity. While applying skin products or taking makeup products off, you can gently tap the skin with fingertips and massage the skin to increase the blood flow. That’s enough.

Or we don’t remove it at all.

Too bad. Impurities, makeup products, toxins and dust build up on the skin throughout the day, preventing the skin from getting oxygen, weighing down, clogging the pores and irritating. Makeup removal is the key element of the evening skincare routine.

We don’t use under-eye creams.

Too bad. It’s usually because of lack of time or forgetfulness. We think that eye creams are unnecessary, forgetting that the under-eye skin is the thinnest and most exposed to irritation. Not using creams is a recipe for dark circles and puffiness.

We don’t use a toner.

Too bad. After all, a facial toner is your greatest ally in the battle for a beautiful skin. It evens out the skin pH, eliminates the rest of impurities and freshens up. It’s a must-use after removing makeup.

We use UV filter only in summer.

Too bad. The lack of the right protection is another common skincare mistake. You should know that the skin is exposed to the harmfulness of UV radiation on cloudy days, too. Windows or regular creams won’t save you. Sunblock comes in useful in winter when the sunrays bounce off the snow and reach the skin with the intensified power.

We pop pimples.

Too bad. Really, don’t do that. Every drastic thing, you do to your skin, leads to irritation and inflammation. How to get rid of blackheads? Instead of popping, use a charcoal mask or peel-off strips that let you easily remove impurities and do away with blackheads.

We apply products the wrong order.

Too bad. Korean women can teach you a lot here (check out Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin). They came up with the idea of a multi-stage skincare routine. Not going into details, the order you apply products is important. We use lighter ones (water-based) first and then move on to heavier formulas (with oils). Makeup removal, next – toners, serums and creams.

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