My Gift Set – Laura Geller Glam on the Run Palette

Hello, girls!

I’ve treated myself to a little gift lately: Laura Geller Glam on the Run Palette. Thanks to the set, I put on makeup in a flash and I’m ready for shopping, coffee with friends or travel. What benefits do they give?

What’s inside the Laura Geller Glam on the Run Palette

The cosmetics come in a light pink small box that looks like a jewellery box. There’s a mirror inside. Too bad the set doesn’t have any applicators. Laura Glam palette includes three pressed eyeshadows (white matte Calm, nude beige Sunstone and brown Java), blusher (Roseberry), highlighter (French Vanila) and lip gloss (Starlet Rose).

How to use Laura Geller Glam on the Run Palette?

You must prime your face for makeup: apply a moisturiser or primer, foundation and powder. Next, you add colour – the blusher; apply the cosmetic below the cheekbones. You can use it instead of an eyeshadow, too. The next step involves applying the highlighter to the cheekbones. If you want to add radiance to your face, spread the highlighter on the chin, nose ridge and the Cupid’s bow. Time for the eye makeup. You’ll create the smokey eye effect thanks to the three eyeshadows. Apply the lightest hue in the inner corners and the darkest shade – on the other side. Spread the beige Sunstone in the middle of eyelids and blend with the rest.

What do Glam on the Run Palette products contain?

I think the composition of the cosmetics deserves our attention. They include a few natural substances, including green tea extract, Tocopherol (vitamin E substitute), as well as Mica and silicon that absorb the excess of sebum and add radiance to the skin. Mineral ingredients give the colour and are fully safe for the skin.

What beauty products do you take when you hit the road, girls? 

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