Mascaras That Really Work

Mascaras That Really Work. Here’s A Ranking Of My Favorites!

Beautiful and long lashes with an impressive curl have always been my dream. Somehow lash extensions didn’t appeal to me as I was constantly worried about the condition of my lashes, which are thin and weak by nature anyway. So I decided to find the best mascara among the most popular and recommended products. Meet my favorites!

What is important to me in my mascara?

Mascaras are available in every beauty store. They are usually supposed to ensure a nice curl and the effect of longer and thicker lashes. Believe me, I tested many drugstore mascaras, and the only thing I discovered was that the manufacturers’ promises fall far short of reality.

I started looking for mascaras that are recommended by women online. I came across a few particular brands, and without a second thought, I added the products to my shopping cart.

The main thing I expect from a good mascara is that it will care for my lashes and have a relatively safe, natural formula. It is also important to me that it does not wear off during the day, which has usually been a problem when using drugstore mascaras. 

I tested the products for a few days each. Check out which ones I can recommend to you all!

Mascaras that passed my tests!

As I mentioned earlier, a good mascara must stand out. It mustn’t be flaky and has to be clump-free. Based on these factors, I have prepared a list of the best mascaras that have worked exceptionally well for me!

1. Nanolash Mascara

The Nanolash mascaras took the first place in my ranking. I especially liked the fact that the brand offers two versions of the product:

This allowed me to choose the one that suits my needs best. The first contact with the Nanolash mascara was extremely pleasant. The stylish packaging, the soft, perfectly shaped silicone brush, and the velvety texture made the application quick and easy.

I noticed that my lashes were nicely separated, lifted, and coated from root to tip! What’s more, this mascara lasted all day! It didn’t wear off or leave any residue on my eyelid. It did not smudge even during a major rainstorm. As for me, it is an undisputed favorite.

2. Lashcode Mascara

Lashcode Mascara is another example of a mascara that worked great for me. This lengthening and thickening mascara also comes with a silicone brush.

Thanks to its refined shape, you can easily coat even the shortest lashes.

The Lashcode mascara ensures you get a spectacular effect with minimal effort. Even after the first brush stroke, I could see a huge difference. As with the mascara from Nanolash, this product also doesn’t wear off or smudge.

3. Lancome Hypnose Mascara

Next in my ranking, is the Lancome mascara. It has a slightly differently shaped brush, although it doesn’t cause any major problems during the application. I quickly noticed that my lashes became longer and increased in volume, bringing out the depth of my gaze.

Unfortunately, I did notice that at the end of the day, this mascara looked slightly smudged. The fact is that I applied a bit more coats, but I did not have this problem with the Nanolash mascara. This is one of the main downsides of the Lancome mascara.

4. Mac Mineralize Mulit-Effect Lash

In the next place, I placed Mac Mineralize Mulit-Effect Lash mascara. It’s a pretty solid product that doesn’t clump the lashes and separates them out beautifully. The slightly thicker brush requires some practice during the application, but it coats even the shorter lashes well.

Mac Mineralize Mulit-Effet Lash is a mascara that did not last a full day on my lashes. Quite quickly I got the panda eye effect which I had to get rid of quickly. This was quite problematic for me, although as for the results achieved with this mascara, I don’t have any major complaints.

Ranking Summary 

If I have to recommend one mascara to you with a clear conscience, I would definitely bet on the Nanolash mascara. It met all my requirements 100%  and managed to lift my naturally thin and weak lashes. The mascara from Lashcode also deserves a mention as it also worked quite well for my lashes.

The other products I ranked are also among the best ones, although I noticed minor imperfections I didn’t experience with Nanolash Mascara, for example.

 Of course, all of you can test the different products yourself and share your feedback. Remember that eyelashes provide the most beautiful frame for the eyes, and a well-selected mascara can bring out the full potential of even the most delicate lashes!