Amber care. Do you know what benefits are hidden in ambers?

Do you know what the properties of amber are? In this golden pebble, you will find not only the rays of the setting sun but also many valuable nutrients.

Whenever I go to the seaside, I return with a handful of ambers. Until now I have treated these small stones only as an ornament. I did not know what properties amber had. Today I am more aware of its benefits and I would like to share this knowledge with you. You are interested, why many manufacturers so willingly reach for amber in the production of their cosmetics?

Amber – a drop of sun

What is amber? A very, very, very precious stone of plant origin. It is formed as a result of fossilization of resin from conifers and usually several tens of millions of years. Some pieces of amber can contain sunken insects or pieces of plants that not only look beautiful, but are also a valuable source of knowledge for researchers.

But do you know what’s most fascinating about amber? Not that fact that it wonderfully reflects the light. The most beautiful is amber’s composition.

The composition of amber

What is amber? It mainly consists of carbon (80%) and oxygen (10%). However, its composition depends primarily on the place of origin and age. The older the amber, the more interesting its chemical composition. In addition to carbon and oxygen, we wil also find iodine and sulfur in it. It is primarily a source of minerals that are very valuable in care.

Why do the monks like amber?

At the monasteries, abdominal pain or bladder diseases were treated with amber tinctures. It was the monks who were the first to use amber for medicinal purposes. Thanks to them, today, we know a lot about how amber works. Also, they have passed on the recipes for the best amber liqueurs!

Amber in cosmetics 

The beginnings of applying amber in cosmetics reach back to the 19th century. Not only monks reached for amber, but also apothecaries. Pharmaceutical stores introduced amber balms, ointments, and the mentioned tinctures into their offer. First, they served therapeutic purposes, but we quickly begun to appreciate the cosmetic properties of amber. Thus, we started using tinctures as scalp lotions, ointments, creams, etc.

What makes it worth reaching for amber in cosmetics?

Properties of amber

It provides bactericidal and antioxidative qualities, fighting harmful free radicals. We also appreciate amber for its energizing properties. No wonder that the majority of amber cosmetics are intended for the care of mature, dry skin requiring in-depth regeneration.

Here is how amber works on the skin and hair:

  • improves hydration, lubrication, and nutrition;
  • improves firmness and flexibility;
  • reduces roughness;
  • reduces smaller and larger wrinkles;
  • is a natural UV filter;
  • promotes cell regeneration;
  • regenerates and strengthens hair bulbs.

How to use amber in care?

The easiest way to benefit from amber is to buy ready-made cosmetics with its content. What to follow when choosing? First of all, it is worth checking how high amber is listed in the composition – the higher, the better. It’s good if the composition is simple and there are no many preservatives, dyes, flavors in the product – they may unnecessarily disturb the effect of amber. In other words, what is important with all kinds of cosmetics is naturalness.

Amber in aesthetic medicine

Do you know that amber is also used in aesthetic medicine? Nowadays, advanced technologies allow obtaining pure and safe succinic acid, which works well in comprehensive care of the face, body and hair. SPA salons also use whole lines of cosmetics based on amber in their treatments, which have energizing and oxygenating effects.

Amber in aesthetic medicine usually occurs in two forms:

  • amber extract – a cosmetic ingredient,
  • real amber used, for example, for massage.

Homemade cosmetics with amber

Unfortunately, we do not have too many options when it comes to creating our own amber-based cosmetic formulas. We can prepare an amber tincture (pouring small ambers with alcohol), but alcohol can irritate the skin, so it should not be used regularly. However, there is no other home-based way of extracting what is hidden inside of amber. It does not dissolve either in water or in oils or in hydrolates. We can crush the amber into very small pieces or grind it in a coffee grinder. Added to the shower gel will work as a scrub, and enriching the cream with amber powder will give it completely new, interesting properties.

See for yourself the wonderful properties of amber!

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