All shades of black…all types of black soap. Properties, effects, rviews

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I just cannot stop reading about soaps! I have also prepared a few interesting posts about various types of soaps, however, for now, I would like to focus on the black ones. I am totally obsessed with them, especially the one that is as black as the Moroccan night: Savon noir – a soap that has its origins in Morocco.

Savon noir black soap

It is hand-made from crushed and ground olives mixed with oil. Of course, Savon Noir soap does not resemble the soap you know. Not only is it dark, it also has a consistency … hmmm..creamy and sticky. It looks like a lubricant for the engine: D Under the influence of heat, the Savon noir soap melts in hands and perfectly lathers 🙂 You can say that it’s something like a thick, black gel to wash your body 🙂

Savon noir – properties 

  • helps in acne-prone skin care
  • removes toxins from the skin
  • helps healing wounds and any skin changes
  • soothes irritations
  • it is perfect not only for washing but makeup removing as well
  • it is perfect not only for washing and removing makeup but also…as a shave cream -it softens the hair makes shaving easier
  • it will work as a gentle scrub if left on the skin for a few minutes
  • it is suitable for every skin type, even the sensitive one
  • it is safe for allergy sufferers (unless you are allergic to oil and olives)
  • it is a source of vitamin E and delays ageing processes

Savon Noir is the most popular black soap. In contact with water, it becomes very velvety and thoroughly washes the body (tested & confirmed). Black Savon noir soap is a very effective soap and in fact, it is not black in colour at all. It has been named that way because its red-brown (sometimes olive) colour is in opposition to traditional, bright soaps. However, this is not the only black-coloured soap. Do you want more “shades of black”? Here you go, here are other soaps with a surprisingly dark colour and excellent care qualities.

Natural black Siberian soap

It is a huge combination of various herbs and plants originated in Siberia. It smells great, it is perfect for body, face and hair care. Just a versatile cosmetic!:) It nourishes the skin by maintaining an adequate level of hydration and at the same time, it is very efficient. What does it contain? Umm … a long list to write. The best Siberian soaps contain extracts from more than 30 plants (!!!). When it comes to the black colour of the soap, a few of them are responsible for it: pine resin in combination with black alder, mallow, liquorice and oil fir oil. Other, more popular sprouts used in black Siberian soaps are: soy and linseed oil, Siberian pine oil, sea buckthorn oil, Siberian spruce, bearberry, lemon balm, sage, nettle, yarrow, chamomile. Of course, there are many more herbs, each of which works perfectly on the skin.

Natural black Siberian soap – properties

  • it has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties
  • it is suitable for sensitive skin
  • it is a source of vitamin C – cleanses and softens the skin
  • tones the skin and smoothes it out
  • it delivers an antiseptic and soothing effect
  • strengthens hair bulbs
  • smoothes the skin texture
  • it cleanses, shrinks pores and balances sebum secretion
  • it inhibits hair loss
  • it is a source of vitamin E
  • rejuvenates the skin, improves its elasticity
  • helps fight acne
  • brightens the skin

Dudu Osun originates in Nigeria and is quite popular over there due to its amazing effects, it removes dirt thoroughly, detoxifies the skin and deals with all kinds of bacteria. Additionally, it is suitable for the baby skin as well. Dudu Osun is very gentle, mild, does not cause any irritations even to sensitive skin. It is crafted from natural ingredients and herbs, handpicked from the tropics. Its main ingredient is Osun (camwood) which is combined with dried plantain skins, palm leaves, and cocoa powder. The oil base is Shea butter, often enriched with honey and aloe extract. Moreover, Dudu Osun soap contains naturally obtained glycerol. In contact with water, the soap creates a silky, creamy mousse. It is perfect not only for the body, but also for face makeup removal. The Soap has a dark brown colour.

Dudu Osun black soap – properties 

  • removes excess sebum
  • moisturises dry skin
  • brings relief to irritated skin
  • detoxifies the skin
  • brightens hyperpigmentation
  • tones the skin
  • cleanses toxins and bacteria
  • perfectly removes makeup
  • it is suitable for sensitive skin

Black charcoal soap 

It is a very interesting soap made of glycerin and activated charcoal. This product looks really cool: it resembles a piece of coal – just imagine who awesome it looks on the bathroom shelf. The product is not only amazing when it comes to its appearance: it also provides beautifying and rejuvenating properties.

Black charcoal soap – properties 

  • it does not dry the skin, it ensures the proper level of hydration
  • it attracts and stops many harmful substances: it ensures a strong detox to the skin
  • it has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties
  • it is natural and safe, it does not irritate the skin
  • it relieves irritation, accelerates wound healing
  • it is suitable even for delicate and sensitive skin
  • it has exfoliating properties
  • it brightens the skin

Have you already chosen your favourite ‘black’ soap?:) Maybe you know some other, dark soaps with a good composition and worth recommending? Make sure to write about it in the comment section:)

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